(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa for nearly 20 years. It is a bit shameful to say that my cultivation has been a bumpy ride, and it's only Master’s merciful protection that has enabled me to come thus far.

I'm a stay-at-home mother and I take care of my son's meals and personal matters very thoroughly and carefully. This year, he started his third year in high school and was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer. When I heard the news, my head made an awful noise inside and I felt very uncomfortable in my heart.

My son started to practice Falun Dafa with me when he was very young. However, as he got older, he didn’t keep up with his cultivation. He got addicted to video games and he once nearly gave up cultivation. He's had this kind of illness twice in his life. The first time it happened, he lost so much blood in his stool that he had to have a blood transfusion.

My husband works very far away and only my parents, who are both Dafa disciples, could come and help look after my son. This time, when my son had the ulcer, he refused to go to the hospital for treatment no matter how bad he felt. No matter how bad he was vomiting blood or passing blood in his stool, he just refused to be hospitalized. During that period of time, he fainted many times. Every time he went to the toilet, he had to be supported by his grandparents. As soon as he saw his blood in his stool, he nearly collapsed. He didn’t even have any strength to speak and he was very pale. He could only endure the tribulation under Master’s merciful protection.

During this process, watching his severe condition, my parents didn’t handle themselves well and asked my son to go to the hospital. But my son firmly refused. He only demanded that my parents study the Fa with him. Under this circumstance, fellow cultivators all came to help my child. They brought him to a group Fa study and helped him look inward. They sent righteous thoughts for him. Fellow cultivators constantly encouraged him and helped him to untie the knot in his heart by using the Fa principles, and helped him enlighten.

My son revealed a secret that he had been hiding from us for many years: He would hold onto the money that I gave him for lunch and use the money to go to an internet cafe with his friends to play video games. He'd also built quite a few game groups among his classmates. I was very surprised, as I thought my son was making earnest progress because he was actively studying the Fa and doing the exercises.

My son also pointed out quite a lot of my shortcomings and wrongdoings. This time, I deeply realized how I could harm my son when I slacked off in my cultivation. Usually I blamed my son too much and too harshly, and I had too many expectations of him. To him, I am just like an ordinary mother, not his fellow practitioner. I could express my feelings at will, I could call his name or hit him as I wish. My expectation that he would be successful might even be higher than that of non-practitioner parents. As a result, my son wouldn't talk to me from the bottom of his heart. I am just a strict mother who is not even as good as someone who doesn't practice Falun Dafa.

My parents and fellow cultivators helped my son study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. Master has hinted to us that we can be taken advantage of by the evil if we aren't diligent in cultivation. I constantly sent forth righteous thoughts to purify our fields. Around 8 or 9 days after the ulcer flared up, his stool was returning to normal. The whole family breathed a sigh of relief.

In China, the third year of high school is a very important year. My son took time off for over a month to stay at home and study the Fa and work on his cultivation while his classmates didn’t take time off. Our entire family abandoned our human notions and made real progress in cultivation. Without taking any medication or receiving any treatment, his ulcer was completely healed.

Thank you so much, Master. This incident was a violent wake up call. Cultivation is very serious. One can only upgrade his or her xinxing by looking inward, getting rid of human thoughts and truly cultivating oneself. After I went through this tribulation, I have found many of my human attachments. Thank you, Master.