(Minghui.org) I am a 70 year-old Falun Dafa practitioner who began practicing in 2003. Before I began cultivating, I had serious lumbar disc herniation. I couldn't lie down, nor sit down. When it got really bad, I could only kneel down or lean against windows. It was painful beyond words. I also had high blood pressure, heart problems, cervical spondylosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Two days after I started to practice, I had diarrhea, which went away three days later. Master cleansed my body, and all my illnesses disappeared. I was so excited about Dafa's amazing healing effects, and the fact that I had finally found the true Buddha law. I was determined to cultivate all the way to the end!

One day, I was on my way home after I finished handing out truth-clarification materials. At the intersection, I ended up falling to the ground after braking too hard while riding my bicycle. When I managed to sit up, I heard a crack right away and felt the bones in my back fracture. I instantly felt tremendous pain.

I did not panic, but rather thought to myself, “I am fine. I am a practitioner. Then I begged for Master Li to help me stand up. I tried three times to stand, and failed. The fourth time I asked for Master to empower me again, and I was able to stand up and got on my bicycle to go home. It was quite a journey for me. After I got to my apartment building, I managed to walk all the up way to my fourth floor unit. As soon as I got inside, I could no longer move.

The next day was our group Fa study. I informed the other practitioners that I couldn't attend the study and explained the reason. Afterward, they began sending forth righteous thoughts for me. One practitioner even came to my home to help me with my day-to-day activities.

My son works for the army. When he returned home on his vacation, he insisted on taking me to the hospital. I said to him, “Hospitals are for treating ordinary people. I am a practitioner, an extraordinary person. Can a hospital really treat me?”

I asked him to take it easy, as I'd be fine. He didn't listen to me, however, and still begged me to go to the hospital. He didn't understand how I could be healed without receiving any treatment. I told him that I wouldn't go.

When he saw that I was so determined, he began to lose his temper and throw things around. But I wasn't moved. I just quietly sent forth righteous thoughts. He then called my brother and sister to try to get them to talk me into going to the hospital. He also told me that only if I returned to normal, would he go back to the army. I was still unmoved.

The next day was the ninth day after I injured my back. It was also the day that I was due to go pick up truth-clarification materials at another practitioner's home. At that time, I had a hard time even putting on and taking off my clothes, and I could hardly sleep at night. I had been sending forth righteous thoughts and begging for Master to help empower me. Deep down, I was determined to pass this trial!

I got up very early the next day, and told my son that I was going to go out. He immediately became agitated, and said, “You are so stubborn. If you are going to the county, then how about I drive you there?”

I declined. And when he offered to accompany me to go downstairs, I declined again.

I got on my bicycle and headed out. Whenever the road was a little bit bumpy, I felt pain. So I kept reciting:

“When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” (Zhuan Falun)

Empowered by Master, I made it to the practitioner's home. When he saw me, he was very excited, saying that I had already made a breakthrough. When he asked me if I really wanted to get some materials from him this time, I replied, “Let's do business as usual.” I headed home after that. When my son saw me, he didn’t say anything, and quietly headed back to the army the next day.

After my back healed, my body went through a great transformation. In the past, when I did the sitting meditation, my left leg always slid down, and I had to use a scarf to hold the leg in place. This problem has now gone away. I can now sit for 80 minutes while doing both the sitting meditation and sending forth righteous thoughts back to back.

When my back was first injured, I still felt that it was important to do the exercises. Though I had a bit of difficulty in bending down while doing the fourth exercise set, I overcame it. I believe Master saw my steadfast faith in Dafa, so he helped me remove the bad substances, and my back healed completely.