(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners from the Toronto area participated in the Cabbagetown Festival on September 8-9, 2018 to promote the practice and raise awareness of the persecution. More than a dozen people signed up for the next Falun Dafa instruction class in Toronto during the two-day event.

Promoting Falun Dafa at the Cabbagetown Festival in Toronto on September 8-9.

Mr. Li signed up for the next Falun Dafa instruction class.

The Cabbagetown Festival is a traditional street event in Toronto which is held on Parliament Street. It attracts many visitors each year.

George and his friends were among the many people who came across the Falun Dafa booth. They said they were from Sacramento California.

George was surprised when a practitioner said she had practiced Falun Dafa for 26 years, as she looked to be only in her thirties. A lady who was with George heard the practitioner say her age was approaching 50, and immediately told others in the group that this proved that Falun Dafa is beneficial. They then all wanted to learn the practice.

Before leaving, the lady said that they would contact local Falun Dafa practitioners when they returned home.

George and his friends from Sacramento California learned Falun Dafa at the Cabbagetown Festival in Toronto.

Allen wrote down his contact information for the upcoming free Falun Dafa instruction class at the Tianti Bookstore in Toronto.

Kate and the Falun Dafa practitioners.

Kate works for a social media company. After hearing about the persecution and forced organ harvesting crimes in China, she asked for more materials and offered to post them on the Internet to let more people know.

When Don saw the Falun Dafa practitioners, he pressed hands together and bowed. He said he had researched many religions and cultivation practices, and found Falun Dafa to be unique. Even though it is being persecuted, he said, “You are always peaceful.” He said, “Ninety-eight percent of the people in the world are lost, but you are different. You are leading the world, like you are doing today. My respect, sincerely!”

A Chinese man greeted a practitioner and showed her an amulet given to him by a practitioner in China. He had toured many countries and said the amulet keeps him safe. He also mentioned that he had already quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.