A Beggar Asks for Dafa Materials

I went out with two other Falun Dafa practitioners to talk to people about Dafa on a hot August day last year. We saw a man standing alone, so one of us went over to talk to him. He looked very poor.

I kept sending righteous thoughts throughout the entire conversation, to eliminate any interference from the old forces that might prevent this man from being saved. I also asked Master to strengthen us.

I then went over and chatted with the man, “Did you know that Falun Dafa is the Buddha Law and that heaven is going to eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Quitting the Party will enable you to enjoy a bright future.”

The man looked at me with disdain, saying, “I don’t believe in anything or anybody. The only thing I like is money. If you give me all of your money then I will listen to you!”

Seeing this precious life in front of me, I was filled with compassion. I didn’t look down on him at all.

I said to him, “You're not alone in your views. Everyone likes money! However, Confucius once said, ‘A man should earn money in a proper way.’ The reason we met today is to tell you the truth about Falun Dafa, and to save you. Do you think it's proper to earn a living by asking me to give you money? Although I can tell that you're a kind person, would it be right to take my money even if I gave it to you?”

I could feel that Master was strengthening me, while my fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts. I then told the man about the principle of being a good person, and that to gain one has to lose.

The man was visibly embarrassed and lowered his head as I talked to him. “That’s true,” he said. “If I take your money today, won't I have to pay it back in the future?”

I explained to him what Falun Dafa is, and why heaven will eliminate the CCP. He listened very carefully and said that he had joined the Young Pioneers. When I told him the importance of distancing himself from this CCP affiliated organization, he agreed to quit.

One of the practitioners gave him a Falun Dafa flier. He asked if he could have a few more copies so that his friends could also learn the truth. We told him that the materials are for saving people and that he should not throw them away. He promised us that he would not do that.

Former High School Classmate Quits the Party

One of my former high school classmates is a wealthy, retired bank manager. The first time I told him about Falun Dafa, I asked him to withdraw from the CCP to ensure himself a good future. He refused to believe me, however, and would not accept any Dafa materials that I offered him.

The second time I saw him was at a friend's wedding. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him because we were a few tables apart. When he sensed that I wanted to talk to him, he gestured with his hand not to come over.

The third time I saw him, he was walking down the street. I called out to him, “I don’t want anything from you. I just want you to know the truth so that you'll be able to avoid any future calamities.”

He looked at me, and said, “I’ve worked hard to be a part of the CCP, so save your breath, because I wouldn’t quit the CCP even if what you told me was true. And I wouldn’t regret it, either!”

I replied, “It’s a tragedy when a being is unable to distinguish good from evil. To have the opportunity to hear the truth would not be something to regret!”

I handed him two Dafa fliers and told him to read them with an open mind. “Don’t unknowingly sacrifice your life for the Party.”

He said that he would read them.

The next time I saw him was at a party hosted by my husband’s classmate. My husband had to work that night, so I went in his place. When I looked up from my table, I noticed that my former classmate was sitting across from me.

I helped the two people on either side of me quit the Party. I then asked Master to arrange an opportunity for me to save my former classmate. When the event ended, he walked towards me with a big smile on his face and shook my hand.

I suddenly realized that it was the opportunity that Master had arranged for me. I said to him very seriously, “Every time I think of you not quitting the CCP I feel very worried for you. I feel like I haven't explained the facts well enough or fulfilled my responsibility to you.”

He cheerfully replied, “Look, I don’t want you to worry about me. Please help me quit. I will use my real name.”

It was sunny outside when I left the event, and the air was very fresh. I put my hands together in front of my chest to thank Master for saving this being's life!