(Minghui.org) Part 6: The Benefits of Falun Gong: Teachers (Part 6)

Falun Dafa is a self-improvement system introduced to the public in 1992. During the rise of the practice's popularity, many of the practitioners were elementary and middle school teachers. These educators guided themselves with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

They were highly respected by their colleagues, parents and students. When the Chinese Communist Party launched the persecution of Falun Dafa in 1999, many of these teachers were arrested, incarcerated, tortured and died as a result, which was a great loss for the country and its future generations.

Math Teacher in Beijing Finds Purpose of Life

Mr. Li Lanqiang was an outstanding student at Beijing Normal University. After he graduated, he became a math teacher at a Beijing middle school in 1993.

Mr. Li had been wondering about the purpose of being alive and about life after death. He’d studied ancient cultivation books to look for answers, but he came across {{Zhuan Falun }} in 1997. Zhuan Falun is the book of Falun Gong's main teachings, which brought light into his life. The teachings in the book helped him improve himself and answer his life questions. Soon, his persistent heart problems went away.

He became a considerate and selfless person following the principles of Falun Gong, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He was honest, kind and diligent, always doing his best at work without any complaint. Because of this, he was highly regarded by his supervisors and the parents he worked with.

Seeing Mr. Li’s physical and mental improvement, his own parents, brothers and children began to practice Falun Gong and read the Falun Gong books as well.

Good Things Happen to Family of Retired Teacher

1. A Family Falling Apart

Mr. Zhang Quanxing is a retired teacher from Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. Before he became a practitioner, he was so ill that he couldn’t look after himself. He suffered from spinal cord extrusions; pain in his head, back, and legs; and problems with his heart, liver, kidney and stomach. His medical bills consumed nearly all of his monthly income.

His mother was also ill. His son had polio, which rendered his legs extremely thin and numb; he also had a hard time remembering things. His wife, with all the financial burden of the family on her, developed insomnia and depression.

2. Miraculous Improvements of Body and Mind

After the family was introduced to Falun Gong and its five exercises, Mr. Zhang and his wife’s ailments disappeared without them taking any medicine. Their son’s memory improved, and he regained feeling in his left leg. He was able to function to some degree.

The practice made the family more compassionate and forgiving. A big piece of their land was occupied by the local government without compensation for a dozen years. The family believed that the local residents benefited from the government’s use of their land and hence did not fight to get the land back.

One day, a neighbor, who didn’t get along with the family, damaged their property while moving a big rock with a tractor. The family didn’t ask to be compensated and, instead, told the neighbor that he needed to be careful getting the tractor out. The neighbor was moved and thanked the family.

3. Mr. Zhang’s Son Volunteered to Help Teach English

The practice helped Mr. Zhang Lihua, Mr. Zhang's son, recover. He was able to help his friends’ children learn English over the summer. Mr. Zhang never collected any money from his friends. Many of the parents came to thank him, saying that their children’s grades had improved dramatically because of him.

4. A Good Caregiver Remembered by Her Employers

After the persecution of Falun Gong started in July 1999, Mr. Zhang’s employer illegally withheld his pay to force him to give up his faith. As a result, his wife, Ms. Gao Yuzhen, had to go back to work. She was in her sixties at the time and had to work out of town as a nanny for a sickly woman; she was also expected to do the housework.

Though Ms. Gao's contract said that she didn’t have to take care of the woman's husband, she still washed all of his clothes and bedding and cleaned up after him. She also tidied up their entire house, which hadn’t been cleaned for years. When she was leaving the job, the couple repeatedly asked her to stay. They called her at home and begged her to come back. When they knew that she was never going back, they asked her to refer someone else who was also a Falun Gong practitioner to them.

Teaching Effectively by Following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

Mr. Liu Yonghong was a middle school teacher in Zhuanglang County, Gansu Province.

Before learning Falun Gong, Mr. Liu had severe mental exhaustion and often couldn’t sleep. He also had paranoia and was scared of being at home alone even during the day.

Mr. Liu picked up Falun Gong during college in November 1996. Soon, all of his physical and mental problems disappeared. He could sleep at night and was highly energetic.

He became a teacher at a local middle school and followed the guidance of Falun Gong’s teachings in his daily life. He carefully prepared his teaching materials and never slacked off – due to his efforts, his biology class scored very well in a major exam.

Teacher Loved by Her Students

Ms. Zhao Xuemei was an outstanding language teacher at the 12th Middle School in Weifang, Shandong Province. She used to have severe inner ear problems, and for half a year, couldn’t function at all. After she became a practitioner in 1999, her health recovered and she devoted herself to teaching.

Ms. Zhao took her job seriously, and students in her classes did well academically. In April 1999, one of her classes was ranked the best quality class among all the local middle schools.

She always did her best to help her students who were in financial hardship. For those who didn’t perform well at school, she made sure to give them extra assistance. She was elected the “most loved teacher” many times by the students.

When Ms. Zhao was detained in March 2002 for practicing Falun Gong, all the students in one of her classes cried and another class went on a strike, wanting her to come back to teach. Some parents even found and begged the local authorities to release her.


Education is the foundation of society, which nurtures future generations. These teachers followed the principle of Falun Dafa and devoted themselves to the best interest of the country. Unfortunately, like other practitioners, these teachers were severely persecuted for their belief in Falun Gong.

Mr. Li Lanqiang lost his job and was put in a forced labor camp twice for a total of four years because he refused to renounce Falun Gong. He was later imprisoned for three years and suffered terrible torture inside. To free the children from being implicated in the persecution, his wife divorced him. Tormented by the thought of him being tortured, his father became severely ill and died three days after Mr. Li was released from the forced labor camp.

Mr. Zhang Quanxing’s whole family was incarcerated and viciously beaten many times. His son and wife died as a result of the relentless persecution. His daughter, Ms. Zhang Qinghua, became mentally incoherent after being tortured in a forced labor camp.

Mr. Liu Yonghong was detained, beaten and tortured in a forced labor camp for two and a half years. Her supervisors at work cut her pay.

The authorities many times ransacked Ms. Zhao Xuemei's house. She and her husband were detained, put in a forced labor camp, and were fired from their jobs.