(Minghui.org) I am a new cultivator who began practicing Falun Dafa less than a year ago, yet I have benefited from Dafa so much. During the cultivation process, I have followed Teacher’s guidance to look inside and improve myself, eliminate attachments, and take cultivation seriously.

I dreamed one day about having lunch with a friend. The space, scenery, and tents looked old, different from the current world. When I sat down to eat, I asked to invite another friend, but my friend said, “Eat and go to see fortune teller.” In my head I thought, “I am a cultivator. I have no reason to see a fortune teller.” I said, “I don’t need to see a fortune teller.”

In the dream I then saw my friend and I sitting at the fortune teller’s house. I was face to face with the fortune teller, and she was staring at me. She stretched out her arm to grab me. I saw the bones of her arm as if I was looking at an X-ray film. Unconsciously I shivered, feeling that the arm was very dirty. I hurried off and said aloud, “Don’t touch me. Go away.” But the more I pushed, the more she grabbed.

I stood up and headed back to work, but she ran across the table. Both sides tugged each other a bit more.

I suddenly thought, “There must have been a bond between her and me. It would be good to solve this relationship.” At that moment, I stepped out and she approached me. We both knelt down together side by side, hands reaching up to heaven asking for a good solution. Then I woke up.

Teacher said:

“A person’s master soul doesn’t perish, so it’s possible in your social dealings before this lifetime that you owed someone, or took advantage of someone, or did some bad things. So your creditors will go after you. In Buddhism they have a belief: a person’s life is karmic retribution. If you’re in debt with someone he’ll go after you for payback.” ( Zhuan Falun)

I had another experience in real life.

I was assigned to present an award to the company's year end party. I contacted the supplier and agreed that when they delivered, they would pick up some refrigerators, and washing machines and put them on a display stand. At the end of the party, they would help take them to the winners’ homes. I would pack up the remaining small prizes. But when I called them to move the appliances, they refused, saying the items were very cumbersome, along with many other excuses. I also explained that we had already agreed to move the items. But they again refused and said they would not provide the service. They were very upset and hung up on me.

I had found that when working with the company, the communication was not clear, which led to the misunderstanding. It seems to me that I and the girl I was talking to about the work had a grudge. In my heart, I hoped we could resolve the issues in accordance with Dafa. I then phoned my colleague who helps me with these tasks, “We will deal with this. You have other solutions.” She called the supplier and reiterated what the supplier and I had previously agreed to. Unbelievably, she said very softly, “Let me handle this. I will send people to move the items to each house.”

The next day, I went to the office and told this story to my colleague, who is also cultivator. At that time, the girl who helped me with the task came to my office and said, “I don’t understand her type. She just shouted and scolded me, only later to call back with a sweet voice. I don’t understand.” We looked at each other and laughed. My fellow practitioners and I understand how great Falun Dafa and compassionate Teacher are, which brought us good results.

I now have more understanding about the sentence our Teacher said:

“We say that when you’re handling a disagreement, if you can take a step back you’ll see things in a whole new light. I guarantee things will look different.” (“Enlightenment” from Zhuan Falun)

It is true that compassion can melt iron, and even human hearts. If we meet someone in this life and get along, it’s good graces. Conflicts and hatred sometimes manifest, but if we can use compassion and kindness to deal with these problems, then we can overcome any difficulties.

Thank you honored Teacher for giving us the blessings of Dafa.

The above is my personal sharing. Please point out anything that is not suitable.