(Minghui.org) Master has mentioned many times that Dafa practitioners should cooperate well, but it is not easy to do in cultivation because of human attachments.

In many cases, practitioners harbor resentment towards each other and only cooperate because they have to, not because they want to. This has resulted in their not making improvements in their cultivation and lingering at the same level for too long. Many practitioners feel tormented they have not made breakthroughs on this issue.

The reason some practitioners can't cooperate well is that they think they are being treated unfairly and that the other party doesn't want to change. If a project is successful, then all the credit will go to coordinators and not the individual practitioners involved.

However, doing things is not the purpose of cultivation—the purpose is to cultivate ourselves while doing things. It doesn't mean the coordinators have cultivated well if the project is a success. The key point is that practitioners let go of their human notions and work well together.

In one particular region, projects went very well and the coordinators received lots of compliments. But some coordinators encountered tribulations or severe sickness karma later on, and problems in their cultivation started to emerge.

Practitioners later learned that the projects went well in that area because practitioners tried their best to support each other and the projects. As a whole, they cooperated well and improved in cultivation while doing things.

The coordinators then became deluded over “their” success. They focused on how to make the projects successful, instead of improving and cultivating themselves while doing things. They indulged their attachments during the process, allowing their attachments to grow, and more and more tribulations accumulated.

If a practitioner can let go of him or herself, cooperate well in any situation and without complaints, then, in Gods' eyes, he or she is a genuine cultivator.

In contrast, if we don't want to cooperate, that means we don't want to cultivate, and our cultivation level will drop or linger at the same level, preventing us from moving forward on our cultivation paths.

We have been through countless hardships to come down to the human world to assist Master in rectifying the Fa. If our cultivation lingers at the same level for too long, our cultivation will be in vain.

Genuine practitioners will not be affected in their cultivation, no matter what happens to us or how unfairly we are treated. This is true cultivation.

The Gods in the multitude of universes are all watching who is cultivating, who is improving, and who is letting go of oneself. We should live up to Master's compassionate salvation—our own sentient beings are relying on us.