(Minghui.org) I’d like to share my cultivation experiences in making phone calls to China to help save people.

I used to make truth-clarification phone calls to China when I found it convenient. I didn't join the phone calling team on the global RTC (Rapid Tuidang Center) platform, and just called people when I had time. After countless routine calls, the task became easy, but whenever I read articles about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China, a sense of uneasiness filled my heart.

Joining the RTC Platform

I recently decided to join a training session offered by the RTC telephone team. It was inspiring, and without hesitation I decided to join their project. I wanted to be a part of the team to help save the police who were being controlled by the old forces. I believed that Teacher arranged for me to do this task.

However, as soon as I was ready, I encountered two tribulations. First, I was pressed for time; and second, I had to learn from scratch like a new student.

As long as I had a free moment before, I could call China, and it was easy. Now that I was learning new things, I had to read over the new materials, join the training sessions, and listen to people’s sharing.

The time spent on making phone calls was a lot. I knew that I was being tested to see if I could endure the hardship. A Dafa practitioner should not be afraid to endure hardship!

I then had to be humble and learn from fellow practitioners. Before I started practicing Falun Dafa, I often heard compliments which made me feel excessively proud of myself. I liked to show off and was after fame. These habits carried over when I began cultivation. There were many times I just wanted to show others how great I am!

Being in the United States for over ten years, I joined some Dafa projects and became a “veteran” on their project teams. Now that I volunteered to learn new things, it gave me more opportunities to completely get rid of my attachment to “self.”

Cultivation Experiences on the RTC Platform

I could feel our team's collective effort when I was on the platform. It was powerful! Practitioners' kindness and compassion were revealed in their phone calls. The support from each other was enormous, and the energy field was positive and often encouraged me to be more diligent.

The improvement I made in my cultivation was noticeable. It had been only a few months, but I had benefited a lot from the help of others. We shared with each other each time we finished making phone calls. I felt that I had made progress through the sharings.

I recently made a call to a deputy director of a police station. He picked up the phone after I tried calling him many times. There was only a brief exchange, and he wanted to hang up, saying that he was busy.

I quickly gathered my thoughts, and said, “I hope you are well. I will only take 2-3 minutes of your time.”

I had made a few points that I wanted to say, and finished by telling him about the website for breaking through the Internet blockade.

He listened quietly, then said, “Thank you very much. I appreciate it.” I was very happy for him.

Many different things happened when we made phone calls, and I often felt that Teacher was taking care of us and helping us.

I once called the police about some “special cases.” Quite a few people only listened for a short while before hanging up. I changed my strategy by reporting a quick fact. If they continued to listen, I would elaborate. If they hung up, at least they knew about the topic of the call.

I once chose a phone number and called. “Hello my friend. Are you in this town called...?” I asked.

“Yes,” was the reply.

I continued, “I need your help please. Do you know about a person by the name of Dayong that is in a prison in your town?”

“What is it regarding?” the person inquired.

“This case has been exposed overseas,” I said. “A university student in Harbin by the name of Dayong was persecuted in the prison and is in critical condition. He has been unable to eat for several months now. The staff in the prison said that if he were to die tomorrow, he would not be allowed to leave the prison for the medical treatment today. His parents are desperate, so they are seeking help overseas. They hope to tell the people in the prison to stop doing bad things.”

He asked if Dayong was still alive.

“Yes. Dayong was illegally arrested for his belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Falun Dafa is practiced by people all over the world. I know some policemen are not bad people, and are forced to do bad things by the Communist regime. Many of the perpetrators are being prosecuted internationally and their family members will face problems when they travel abroad.”

He then said, “When I go to work tomorrow, I will investigate. I will take a look at Dayong's file.”

“Thank you! You are a kind person.”

Before calling, my mind was blank. I didn't know who would pick up the phone. I only thought about having a simple conversation that was easy to understand. I hoped that I could handle the call well. It was Teacher who was behind everything.

Teacher said,

“This persecution, in the words of the old forces, is just a test and baptism of fire and blood targeting Dafa disciples, as well as the smelting of genuine gold. Regardless, as cultivators, the responsibilities you have shouldered are indeed tremendous. You are saving all beings. You yourselves do not have much karma, not that large an amount of karma. Nonetheless, you all know that, in human society, the crowds of beings are not simple, even animals are not simple. Many beings came from high levels. We need to save them. The beings that they represent are all the ones that would be eliminated in the old universe, and we need to save them. So when we save them, the beings they represent will also be saved.” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018”)

Encountering some challenges while speaking on the phone was expected, but how we use the opportunities to cultivate and purify ourselves is essential.

Many times when I felt that making phone calls did not yield good results, it was mainly a reminder for me to look inward.

Being Diligent

A few practitioners sat together to make a phone call one time. We called a detention center, and dialed many numbers, but none of them worked. We continued dialing, and finally got through.

The receiver did not have a good attitude, but still I spoke to him compassionately. The conversation lasted for only about a minute before he hung up. I thought that he would pick up the phone again, so we tried to call him back over ten times. But he didn't answer.

When we shared experiences later, I found out that another practitioner was already talking to him on the other line, so he hung up on me. I was glad that my phone call to him was compassionate and it did not cause any distress.

All of us have been making phone calls on the RTC platform for only a short while, but we have strong righteous thoughts.


Master said,

“Advance together, ever diligent,To a glorious future.” (“One With the Fa” from Hong Yin)

My intention is to save sentient beings. If I had persisted in making phone calls by myself it may have yielded good results, but my xinxing would not have improved much.

On the other hand, when practitioners make phone calls collectively, the mutual encouragement and support for each other will help everyone on the team improve in cultivation, which is what Teacher wants.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have persisted with their efforts on the RTC platform all these years. Your perseverance has created opportunities for more practitioners to participate.