(Minghui.org) The old forces produce many obstacles to interfere in our cultivation and validating the Fa, and many of their evil arrangements are made in our bodies. If we can’t see through such evil arrangements, we fall into the old forces’ trap, bringing losses to our cultivation and to validating the Fa.

Master said,

“Take a human being as an example. The Tao School considers the human body a small universe. A person has a physical body, yet a person is not complete with only a physical body. One must also have human temperament, personality, character, and Primordial Spirit in order to constitute a complete and independent person with individuality.” (Zhuan Falun)

When I previously read this paragraph of Fa, my understanding was that one's temperament and personality were related to the primordial spirit and were directly influenced by the primordial spirit.

Master said,

“Your Primordial Spirit is composed of the most microcosmic, smallest, and most original matter. Your personality and your characteristics have already been predetermined at the origin of matter.” (“Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun”)

In this lifetime, one's temperament and personality might not be the personality and characteristics that were created at one's original life. The old forces made some arrangements for us, and then we have the temperament and personality that displays in this lifetime. I also enlightened that temperament and personality themselves might be lives.

Master said,

“At his outermost surface a human being has three souls and seven spirits. One of the seven spirits is called "belief." A person can believe what he hears when someone else says something--that's the role it plays.” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference”)

We all came from the old universe of “formation-stasis-degeneration," so the various elements that compose our whole lives might have elements that are corrupted or incomplete... as well as contain the old forces’ intentional disturbances. They made lots of evil arrangements. I would like to share my personal experience.

The Evil Party Beings in My Dimensions

I grew up after the cultural revolution. My family was poor and repressed under the evil communist party. I had no good memories of the communist party or their leaders.

However, during the Fa rectification period, especially from 2005 to 2012, I often had dreams of the cultural revolution, as if I was there and could feel how the communist party was being idolized. To eliminate these incorrect ideas, I sent forth righteous thoughts and read the Nine Commentaries on Chinese Communist Party and Distinguishing the Communist Culture, but my efforts were not very effective.

Later, I found that this deep “mark” was not a concept that formed after I was born, nor was it formed in this communist society. For my personal situation, it seemed to precede this lifetime and come with birth. It wasn't until one day in 2013, while I studied the Fa, that I realized that this situation existed due to a bad element in my body that was related to the evil communist party. So I sent forth righteous thoughts toward it.

In order to arrange this thing in my life to cause some negative influence, the old forces arranged it at my birth. And in order for it to not be recognized, it also added the notion in my dimension, “Don’t express and communicate with words; instead imagine how other people are.” In another dimension it appeared as a tiny and very, very old human form of life.

Eliminating the Evil Beings and Clearing the Interference

First I clarified the truth to it, but it didn’t listen. Then I used the supernormal ability that Master gave me. When this life element realized that it was wrong and tried to repent, the black and bad element within this life faded and formed a whole new life. That very, very old life wasn’t so lucky; it only wanted to finish the old force’s arrangement, so it was eliminated. In this surface dimension, I no longer had dreams related to the evil party, and I also no longer judged others based on my imagination. Instead, I formed my opinions only after communicating with others.

Inspired by this experience, I fully examined my small universe from every aspect. I found that the old forces arranged a lot of bad elements for me. Some were deformed and corrupted, and some were completely inserted by the old forces into my life.

Facing this complex situation, I first clarified the truth to them. If they couldn't be saved, I cleaned them out immediately without hesitation. Some were able to regret and change, so they were immediately rectified according to Master and Dafa’s requirements. Even though some lives were destroyed, if the life had some “responsibility” in my life, a new good life would naturally be produced to replace that old one to perform the duty.

Practitioners may wonder what we should do when we encounter interference in our bodies that are from the old forces. There is always something we can do. For example, when we come across a problem of body or spirit, even if it is not yet reflected in the surface dimension, our main consciousness has to dominate. Our first thought should be Dafa and Master, that we are Dafa disciples in the Fa rectification period. This point is especially important. Then we can look for shortcomings within ourselves and rectify them according to the Fa’s requirements.

However, even if we really find shortcomings, we should still directly send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old force’s interference in all dimensions of our bodies.

Cultivating Without Formed Notions

I want to tell fellow practitioners who have their third eye open that Master lets us cultivate with the third eye open for a good reason, as part of our responsibility. We should think about how to walk our path more righteously and have a greater impact while validating the Fa without bringing fellow practitioners a wave of interference.

Also as practitioners I think we should eliminate any attachments to formed notions of “country”, “region”, “nation”, “party”, “race”, “social class”, and so on. We should be good people in all different areas. Only then can our hearts become more broad and can we have compassion for all people in the world. Especially for practitioners who have their third eye open, we should eliminate all of these attachments. Only then can our abilities play a dignified role in the universe.

This sharing is limited by my own understanding; please always refer to the Fa for guidance. Heshi.