(Minghui.org) Practitioners went out in June of 2018 to tell people the facts about Falun Gong. We talked with a man in his fifties in a police uniform and gave him a Dafa amulet.

The officer said that he works at the police department and he knows that Dafa is good and practitioners are good people. He has protected many practitioners in custody within his capacity and tries to rescue those arrested.

On one occasion, someone reported to the police that dozens of Falun Gong practitioners had gathered at a park. He immediately rushed to the park without thinking of his own safety. He asked the practitioners to leave before the other police officers arrived.

On another occasion, a Dafa practitioner was arrested. The handcuffs hurt his arm badly. The wound was infected and had festered. The policeman secretly went out to buy some medicine for the practitioner and hid it in his pocket.

He told us that he once went out to eat with his colleague. On the way there, he found that his shoelace loosened. While he stopped to lace it up, a cargo truck rolled over about four or five steps away from them. If he had not stopped to tighten the lace, they would have gone under the truck and gotten killed.

His colleague asked if he had ever done any good things. He realized that because of his good deeds, he was blessed by Dafa and that is why his life had been saved.