(Minghui.org) I am a young practitioner from Changchun City, Jilin Province, and I began to practice Falun Dafa in 2014. I always feel so fortunate to have the precious opportunity to become a practitioner Dafa.

I used to have many bad habits, ranging from playing Mahjong to lying and having a bad temper. Because of my strong ego, I gave my parents a hard time every now and then. With help from a relative, I found a job in 2000.

Through the years, I was heavily influenced by others and spent much time pursuing money and vanity. As a result, I considered playing mind games and tricks with others as a talent. I admired one of my coworkers, who was good at this, and learned a lot from her. Thinking back to that time, I realized it was so ridiculous.

Some new projects came in around 2010, and everyone was looking for good opportunities. I found one and secured it through my connections before others noticed it. It was a real plum in such a small city: having power, able to connect with many people, and making lots of gray income. Although this position did not seem special, one could freely eat, accept bribes, and get to know many people from higher levels of society. Therefore, many of my coworkers wanted to get it, but I beat all of them and succeeded.

Nonetheless, I was not street-smart and could not handle the relationship well. My supervisor gave me hints many times to work together for more gray income with him. But with my simple mind, I did not get it and instead considered him an upright person. This way, I unwittingly prevented many people from making money.

Working at this position brought me financial gain as well as frustration. Every day I felt tired because there were many things bothering me. I was afraid others would compete with me or do bad things to me. It was just as Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia, “For the sake of petty, insignificant gain, people harm others. Overjoyed with a little gain and pained with a little loss, unable to eat or sleep well because of this and afflicted with ailments from head to toe, what a tiring life you lead!”

It went on like this for several years. I learned how to use my connections for more personal gain and how to accept bribes through others. Because of this, I committed many wrongdoings and spent the money without control.

One day, I went to visit my mother-in-law, who practices Falun Dafa. Several other practitioners were also there, and they chatted about a lot of things. I listened for a while and became interested. Those were not things I had heard before, and I liked to talk with them after that. We talked about society, personality, and cultivation practice. I found Falun Dafa to be very good because it makes one a better and happier person.

Somehow, it felt good to be an upright and peaceful person. So, I asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun and brought it back home. After reading a few pages, I had a dream at night. Master came and he was sitting in meditation on a golden lotus seat. As he pointed with a finger, a golden thread went to my abdomen, and I felt it go inside. I did not know what had happened and asked another practitioner. She told me Master had installed a Falun for me, and I was very excited. I continued to read the books and learn the exercises. I read the books again and again and understood a lot. I was touched by Dafa’s principles and wished I had known it earlier. Moved to tears, I decided to do well as a practitioner.

Gradually, I learned what a practitioner should act like in this society. That is, I need to discipline myself with the Dafa principles and change myself from deep in my heart. The first thing I needed to do was to get rid of greed. I talked with my supervisor about changing to another position, and he agreed. I felt very relaxed and relieved since I no longer needed to think about dealing with these issues or the burden of monetary gain. With no need to avoid being harmed by others, I was so happy!

From then on, I disciplined myself with the Dafa principles and let go of bad habits. I stopped playing Mahjong, lying, and attending karaoke. I did not go to parties much either, because most of these occasions were for showing off or a waste of time.

I learned to look within for shortcomings when I encountered issues. I started being a better person and being considerate of others. I began to treat everyone with sincerity and compassion. My life started to change, and my family noticed me becoming more selfless.

Falun Dafa changed me and often moved me to tears. I found the home for my heart and felt surrounded by compassion from Master all the time. This true warmth is more sacred than any love in this world. This is Master’s compassionate salvation. It gave me the best state of my life and hope for the future.

I have only cultivated for a short time and have not done well in many areas. But as a Dafa practitioner, I know our mission is the same, whether we are a new or veteran practitioners. That is, we need to listen to Master and truly cultivate ourselves. Master will arrange everything so that we can return with him.

Thank you, Master, for the compassionate salvation.