(Mingui.org) Practitioners and I discussed the schedule for the next day after attending the Washington D.C. Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference. One practitioner said, “We have to go to the character formation at the Washington Monument early tomorrow. The preparation work needs a lot of people.” We all agreed we should arrive early to help with this occasion.

Our group of seven Dafa practitioners, including two elderly female practitioners in their seventies, arrived at the Washington Monument early the next morning. Many fellow practitioners from Taiwan and other regions were already busy measuring and pulling strings. We quickly joined in the work.

We were assigned to pulling and positioning the strings that would align the four characters that said “Falun Turns Constantly” or “Fa Lun Chang Zhuan” in Chinese. Everyone did their best to measure and pull the strings perfectly. As soon as the four golden characters Fa Lun Chang Zhuan were unfolded, we hurried to straighten them and tie them down.

Time flew by fast. When I lifted my head and looked around, I was surprised to find thousands of practitioners were already doing the exercises in a group. Dressed in golden-colored shirts, they covered a large area on the grass and looked spectacular!

The emblem formation soon started in an orderly fashion. Groups of practitioners dressed in different colors entered the field. The rain started pouring hard at this time. As soon as everyone found the right position and sat down, the exercise music started. We had to put our raincoats and umbrellas away for the aerial video recording.

It was a sacred and touching scene with thousands of Falun Dafa practitioners sitting in the rain. It looked like thousands of lotus flowers blooming. I still feel moved whenever I think of that moment. It seems to be an eternal moment in the history of the universe.

Sitting in the rain in our yellow T-shirts, we were completely soaked. But a warm flow of energy poured through my whole body. Tears and rainwater streaked down my face. I felt reinforced by the profound compassion I felt.

The character formation lasted nearly an hour. The chilling rain continued to pour. It was truly a test of our will. Thousands of Dafa practitioners sat still in meditation in the rain. Many were elderly, many were young, and there were also many Western practitioners. Our unwavering spirit manifested Dafa practitioners' firm conviction in our belief.

The rain had almost stopped as the character formation drew to an end. On the way to our hotel, some people in their cars pulled over and shouted, “You are great!” A metro passenger took the initiative to ask us about Falun Dafa.

This annual large-scale character formation event at the Washington Monument is a great way to tell people that Falun Dafa is good and to call attention to the persecution in China. The mighty power of Dafa is being displayed in the human world.