(Minghui.org) In Meishan Township of Chiayi County in Taiwan, villagers knew Ms. Jin Hua as a sincere and understanding lady and wife of the township head. Unfortunately, she was afflicted by a serious illness several years ago.

Her face became red, swollen, tingly, painful, and disfigured. She visited many famous doctors in Taiwan and spent a great on medical expenses, but it was all in vain.

Having to stay at home all the time, she became depressed and dull-minded. Her family and friends were extremely worried about her.

After Ms. Jin took up cultivation in Falun Dafa, however, she made a miraculous recovery. Now her skin is delicate and clear, and she is full of energy.

Ms. Jin Hua

Incurable Illness

Ms. Jin’s condition developed suddenly about six years ago. Her face began to redden and swell. The swelling soon spread across her entire face, which became hot, misshapen, and very uncomfortable. Only ice, cold air, or a water spray could cool her and make her feel a little better. Ms. Jin was ashamed to meet people.

Her husband, the township head, had a wide network of contacts. He took her to see many doctors in Taiwan that enthusiastic friends recommended. He paid for every kind of medical treatment that might hold a thread of hope—from Western medicine to traditional Chinese medicine to secret folk remedies.

The huge medical expenses and passing years didn't see any improvement effect. Ms. Jin’s hopes were shattered. “To heal my condition, we prayed to the gods and sought out fortunetellers,” Ms. Jin said.

“Someone suggested I worship Holy Ruler Deity Guan. My husband followed up. Another person suggested we meet a feng shui expert because our home's feng shui was not good. We asked a feng shui expert's advice and invested much money in home renovations. Someone else said I might have fallen victim to witchcraft, so we tried many therapies to drive away the sorcery. However, my red, swollen face never improved.”

As time went by, Ms. Jin became depressed, isolated herself indoors, and lived a dreary and lonely life.

Ms. Jin's mother also suggested she seek treatment from famous doctors. Ms. Jin said, “Dermatologists all said that there was no cure. One expert even made a special solution to cure my skin condition. I stayed in the hospital six times—once for six months, another time for three months, other times for 15 days.

“The steroids made my face even more distended and hardened. My face looked like the full moon, and my shoulders enlarged like a buffalo. My weight increased to 85kg. My body was totally disfigured.”

Ms. Jin recalled other experiences with eminent doctors. “Doctors could not figure out what was wrong, so they just called it rheumatology and immunology. A well-known doctor said it was a small problem and asked for an invitation to dinner if he cured me. I promised to treat him to ten meals if he could. I was not cured even after I was hospitalized four or five times.”

As she recalled her past, Ms. Jin was very sad. “When I stayed in the hospital, I was most afraid of having friends visit. I wondered what bad things I had done that I had to suffer such torture. I felt ashamed to meet people. I felt I would rather die than live like that.”

She once even contemplated suicide. “I was in a room on the 14th floor of a hospital. I thought about jumping out of the building to end my life, but I hesitated when I thought of my husband and children. They had taken good care of me and gone through my difficulties with me. No matter how busy they were, they took turns to be with me in the hospital.”

Thus, Ms. Jin kept up her struggle, day after day.

Change of Fortune and Renewed Hope with Falun Dafa

When Ms. Jin last checked out of the hospital, her elder sister-in-law introduced her to a renowned physician at St. Martin De Porres Hospital. He said to her, “Only Falun Gong can help you. My younger sister suffered the same disease, and she recovered by practicing Falun Gong.”

Ms. Jin didn't take his advice seriously at first. She thought she couldn't be without air conditioning because her face would become very hot and swollen. She thought it was impossible to go outside to do the Falun Gong exercises.

A friend of her son also recommended that she try Falun Gong. Her son brought her a copy of Zhuan Falun.

Ms. Jin had never liked reading books with small characters. However, she kept reading Zhuan Falun every day and finished reading the whole set of Falun Dafa books several times.

She was unaware that many of her conditions were gone. Before, she had a frozen shoulder and could not hold a bowl or chopsticks; she also had difficulty combing her hair. After practicing Falun Gong, her shoulder recovered fully. Her constipation also disappeared.

Forbearance Improves Her Character

Ms. Jin remembered her early cultivation experiences: “At first, I didn't understand what cultivation was all about. I tried my best to follow the principles that I understood from the book. I read the parts I didn’t understand again and again.”

She read the Falun Dafa books, listened to the recordings, and watched videos of Master Li Hongzhi's lectures every day. However, she found it difficult to practice forbearance.

“I understood that we are required to follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I understood that this was what cultivation was all about,” she said.

“It was relatively easy for me to practice truthfulness and compassion, but it was a big test for me to practice forbearance. I had a bad temper, so I was tested everywhere: with neighbors, friends, my husband, and my children.”

There were times she didn't pass the tests, and she shared these experiences with other practitioners. Gradually, she learned how to look inward for her shortcomings when there were conflicts and to consider others before herself. Ms. Jin was making progress in cultivation.

She later learned from practitioners that Falun Gong had five exercises. She asked her son to get the instructional videos and learned the exercises at home by herself. She was immersed in Dafa all the time.

Within several months, she was reborn both physically and spiritually. The injured skin on her face started peeling off layer after layer until it became delicate and smooth. Her family, friends, and relatives witnessed the power of Falun Dafa.

Grateful Township Head Tells Facts about Falun Gong

Many relatives witnessed the miraculous changes in Ms. Jin's life from practicing Falun Dafa. One day, her elder brother-in-law, a pharmacist working in Taipei, warned her, “This practice is suppressed by the Communist Party in China. It's a cult.”

Ms. Jin explained to him, “I've read over 40 Falun Dafa books, so I am very clear that this is the righteous Fa. Moreover, I've witnessed the wonder of Falun Gong in person. This is the Buddha Fa that saves people. I will mail you the book Zhuan Falun. Don’t comment until you finish reading it.”

Ms. Jin's husband has been elected three times as a member of the county council and twice as township head. He knew that Falun Dafa had saved his wife's life.

Her family all benefited from her practice of Falun Dafa. She recalled, “When the township head was competing for a council position, I was able to help him a lot thanks to my physical health. He was very grateful to Master Li and kept it in mind. He made a great effort to propose a resolution condemning the CCP's harvesting of organs from Falun Gong practitioners.”

While the township head has not started to practice Falun Gong, he is a friend of Falun Gong and often tells people that Falun Gong is good.

One time, when the township head drank tea with some public representatives, he shared his wife's experience: “My wife has practiced Falun Gong for seven years. She has never seen a doctor during this time. Her incurable illness is gone. She is full of energy now. She takes care of everything for our family. Falun Gong is really great!”

Many people also asked Ms. Jin how she learned Falun Gong. Many of her friends from the township and villages participated in a 9-day Falun Gong instruction class.

Establishing a Practice Site

"Many of my friends are in politics and business or are public representatives and celebrities. I try to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance wherever I go so that my friends are positively affected and become peaceful,” she said.

Ms. Jin hopes that more people will learn the practice. She thought of tea farmers and vegetable vendors in the market. They are busy in the morning and cannot participate in the morning exercises, so she found a venue and gathered them there to practice together in the evening. Many people have since taken up Falun Gong.

Ms. Jin said, “I will tell others about Falun Dafa as much as possible. For instance, I go to Ali Mountain to set up an exhibition board and participate in activities promoting Dafa. I want to let more people know that Falun Dafa is good and to express my gratitude to Master.”