Using My Cell Phone

When I first heard about practitioners using their cell phones to let more people know about Falun Dafa and its persecution by the Communist Party, I thought that this could be a powerful tool.

It didn't take long for me to get involved. I used my cell phone to call people wherever I was. No matter how cold it was in the wintertime or how hot in the summer, practitioners in our area always went outside to call people.

After making phone calls one time, I saw blood in my urine. I looked inward but could not find any attachments, as my thoughts were only on talking to people about Dafa. So it could only be interference to stop me from making the calls. My heart was unmoved, and I went out the next day as usual. I continued passing blood for three days. Then it stopped.

A practitioner I know bought an electric bike. However, on the first day she used it, she hit a curb, and it stopped working. She had it repaired but was afraid to ride it again. I decided to buy it from her.

I thought that if one person could talk to ten people a day, then two people could talk to twice as many. If we continue getting more people involved, how many people would learn about Dafa over a summer? I decided to take two other practitioners with me on my bike. We were able to reach many people that summer.

Helping a Police Officer Quit the CCP

I called a police station one day and spoke with an officer there about Dafa. He said angrily: “This is the police department! How dare you talk to me about this? You'd better hang up quickly!”

I was not moved by his words and replied: “Please let me finish. A police officer's life is also precious. You need to ensure your safety. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecuting the Buddha Fa is the same as persecuting kindness. It is also against China's Constitution. Such activities will be punished by heaven. Won't you be affected?”

I continued: “Whatever crimes the CCP commits, as a member of the Party you will be held responsible. If you don't want to be affected, you have to renounce your membership in the Party. I only hope that you'll have a good future. How about I give you a pseudonym you can use to quit the Party?”

He didn't reply, so I asked him: “Are you able to talk freely? If not, all you have to say is yes or no.” I asked him if he had joined the Party. He responded, “Yes.”

When I asked him if I could give him a pseudonym to quit the Party, he said, “Okay.”

Then I told him to remember, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

“Thank you!” he replied. Then he quietly told me to pay attention to my safety.

There have been many cases where police officers decided to quit the Party after they learned the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

Clarifying the Facts after a Car Accident

I was riding my bike one time when a car behind me suddenly tried to pass me at a sharp bend. It ended up hitting me. My head and left arm were injured, and I lost consciousness.

When I came to, I was lying on the ground. I saw two people get out of a car about 60 meters away. They looked to be the people who caused the accident. One of them looked familiar. My first thought was that I was fine, but I also thought that I shouldn't let them go without speaking with them.

After they helped me get up, they tried to shirk responsibility for the accident. One of them blamed me for not looking behind me. I laughed and said, “I didn't know you were overtaking, and you didn't honk your horn to alert me or slow down. But I don't blame you. You don't need to be afraid or avoid responsibility. I practice Falun Dafa, and because of that, I won't ask you for compensation.”

They seemed relieved. One of them said, “We have to take you to the hospital to get you checked out. Let's hurry up. You’re not extorting money from us.”

“I’m fine,” I replied. “Don't worry about it. Even though I was hit hard, there's no swelling or bleeding. I'll be fine after doing the Dafa exercises for a couple of days, because Falun Dafa is truly amazing.”

I told them more about Dafa. I remembered having spoken to one of them before, and he had some objections back then. This time, he personally witnessed the power of Dafa and a practitioner’s selflessness. He agreed to quit the CCP.

I continued to explain more to them until they thoroughly understood Dafa and both of them had quit the Party. I then said they were free to leave.

They seemed surprised and didn't budge. One of them asked me, “Are you okay, even though you haven't gone to the hospital?” They insisted on giving me some compensation. I firmly declined the money. I said that they didn't cause the accident on purpose, that our Master asks us to consider others first, and that I will quickly recover after I read Zhuan Falun more and do the exercises.

They were touched, and one of them said,“We never expected to meet such a good person in this world.”

I couldn't put any pressure on my neck and had trouble lifting my arm. Still, I managed to get up the next morning, do the exercises and was fine three days later. I knew that Master had helped me pay back a debt.