(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Ning Tinyun from Baoqing County in Heilongjiang Province was sentenced to ten months in prison on June 12, 2018. Three other practitioners, Ms. Li Xiangyun, Ms. Guo Shuxue and Ms. Ren Shuxia, were tried at the same time, but they were not sentenced. The trial lasted less than an hour.

The trial was held in the Yushu City Courthouse. A number of agents, court marshals, and domestic security police gathered in front of the guard house of the court at 6:00 a.m.

The court didn’t inform the practitioners’ families or their lawyers about the trial. Ms. Guo and Ms. Ren’s family members learned about the trial from a court insider. They then went to the courthouse and were allowed to attend.

All four practitioners pleaded not guilty. The judge asked Ms. Li where she got the Dafa information materials she was distributing. Ms. Li did not answer him directly. She stated that she was not merely distributing materials but was spreading the seeds of goodness. The judge asked her if she was a member of the Chinese Communist Party, and Ms. Li replied she had withdrawn from it a long time ago.