(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to start practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. I am an ordinary peasant and never went to school, so I couldn't read Chinese characters. I would like to share my experience in my cultivation of Dafa and the wonders and miracles that happened to me.

Given a Second Life

I suffered with a uterine grape tumor in 1997. Doctors said such a disease had a high rate of malignancy. A pathological examination could be made only after surgery to see if the tumor was benign or malignant. I was 38 at the time.

I couldn't take this big blow that fell on me so suddenly. My family had many difficulties and we were in a poor financial condition. We relied on a small income of selling greens and groceries at the market, so I could not consider surgery, and not only the medical costs but also the rehabilitation. I decided to leave my fate in heaven's hands and not to have surgery.

My mother had been practicing Falun Dafa and persuaded me to take up the practice too. At the time no one else in our village was practicing Falun Dafa, so there was no practice site. Every evening I rode a bicycle to join a practice site about five miles away in another village. Soon my physical body was purified and I was no longer in pain. The tumor had disappeared and, since then, I have become very healthy.

I Could Miraculously Read Chinese Characters

In the early period of my cultivation practice, I could only listen to the recordings of Master Li's (the founder) Falun Dafa lectures every day. At the Fa study group, I held the Dafa book and was very anxious to read it, but I didn't know a single Chinese character. I could only listen to other practitioners reading it while looking at the rows of crowded characters.

Although I didn't know any characters, I still looked at the book very seriously. I followed the words one by one while listening to practitioners reading the book. From the bottom of my heart I was so anxious that one day I would be able to identify Chinese characters and read the Fa.

One day, as I was holding the Dafa book, I saw Master Li holding a bamboo stick about one foot long, pointing to the Chinese characters one after another on the blackboard and teaching me to read them. I followed Master to read the words one by one for several consecutive nights.

One day at the Fa study group, I said to practitioners, “Let me read one paragraph.”

Everyone stared at me with an unusual look. Their looks meant, “How could you read it since you do not know any characters?”

They still let me go ahead and read it. When I finished reading the preface “On Dafa” without any mistake, they were all amazed at the miraculous and supernormal power of Dafa.

Dafa's miracle made me have a firm belief in the practice. Later my daughter taught me how to use a dictionary so that I was able to look up characters when I encountered unknown ones. I didn't know pinyin, so I had to use a different method to check. Now I am able to read all of the more than 40 Dafa books on my own.

My Family Becomes Harmonious

There are three sons and daughters-in-law in my parents-in-law's family, and I was one of the daughters-in-law. We three daughters-in-law did not get along very well before I practiced Falun Dafa. We often fought and quarreled about minor things and personal gains.

One year, when we fought each other for land, the wife of my husband's younger brother used a spade to ruin many of my corn sprouts. I kept it in mind and couldn't get over it. For a long time, we didn't talk to each other.

After I practiced Falun Dafa, I let go of my complaints and hatred. I thought, “As a practitioner, I must conduct myself better than others and treat people compassionately. We should be nice to everyone and not mention this to anyone else.”

I became close to her and got along well with her. I treated family conflicts as good opportunities to improve in cultivation. During apple harvest time, I shared my apples with the other two sisters-in-law.

One time I had one thought in my mind: They are waiting for me to help them to awaken to the goodness of Dafa, but they could not be awakened until I behaved well. I tried to discipline myself according to a Dafa practitioner's criteria in whatever I did.

Gradually our family relationships became harmonious. They also got to know that Falun Dafa practitioners are good people.

We set up a practice site at home. My mother-in-law also took up the practice with my encouragement.