(Minghui.org) I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for 20 years. I would like to share with fellow practitioners how I write articles for the Minghui website to expose the persecution of Dafa practitioners and how I've cleansed the interference from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and assimilated to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in the process.

Writing Articles to Clarify the Facts inside a Forced Labor Camp

I was arrested and sent to forced labor camp for a year. I was incarcerated in a notorious women's forced labor camp. Because I refused to be “transformed,” the labor camp extended my stay by a year. Back then, the persecution was at its peak, and Dafa practitioners were severely tortured. We were not allowed to speak and were forced to write a “personal reflection” every week. Their goal was to force us to renounce our faith in Falun Dafa. In one of my “reflections,” I wrote, “Regardless of the circumstance, no matter how severe the persecution, I will continue cultivating in Dafa.”

I treated the weekly “reflection” as an opportunity to speak my mind, since it was the only time that I was given a pen and paper and could write. It was also a good way for me to communicate with the guards and to clarify the facts of Dafa and the persecution to them. I wrote that Falun Dafa was the orthodox Fa. My perseverance finally touched them.

The guard of my cell came to talk to me. She was very polite and told me that she actually liked me because we were about the same age. But however kind she might be with me, she could not let go of her pursuit of financial gain and personal benefits. I could tell that she understood the facts about Dafa but struggled with the fact that her job was to persecute Dafa practitioners.

I had empathy for her and understood even more clearly that the persecution harmed not only Dafa practitioners but was also devastating for all Chinese people. All the people in this world are affected by the persecution of Falun Dafa in one way or another. So I wrote a legal complaint against Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese dictator who launched the persecution of Falun Dafa and turned my letter in to the labor camp authority.

The labor camp escalated its persecution of Dafa practitioners and set a goal to “transform” all the incarcerated practitioners in October 2000. They set up a secret “Intensive Class” whose goal was to torture every single one of the 20 practitioners who had not been “transformed” and force them to “transform.” Our pens were confiscated. Two practitioners who refused to be transformed were taken away to the Intensive Class. After a while, we were told that the labor camp invited some “experts” to “transform” those practitioners. We were extremely concerned for the well-being of those two practitioners.

Then the forced labor camp put all of us into one cell. The guards gave us pens and told us to write something. We understood that it was Master who had arranged for this to happen, to guide us to move forward. We began to write letters to the forced labor camp, the Bureau of the Forced Labor Camps of China, and the Procuratorate. We gave our letters to the guards and to the leaders of the labor camp. The letters detailed the illegal practice of forcing us to renounce our faith. After the countless numbers of letters were received and due to our perseverance, they finally closed the Intensive Class.

The Evil Forces Are Scared of Being Exposed

During the 2000 Chinese New Year season, most of the guards went on vacation. We were locked up individually. However, they moved one practitioner from the Intensive Class to my cell. One day, she unbuttoned her shirt and showed me the scars on her body. She had been severely tortured by the guards for refusing to be “transformed.” I was shocked by what I saw. She told me that she felt bad about herself because she was tortured so brutally that she could not endure it any longer so she wrote the four statements to renounce Falun Dafa. However, she did not sign the fifth statement, which was to criticize Master.

I decided to write down what had happened to her, but she was so frightened of possible repercussions that she told me not to. She told me to wait until she was released. I told her that it was not just about her, that we should expose the CCP's vicious crimes against practitioners, and to rectify Dafa. I wrote letters to the head of the forced labor camp and the head of the provincial labor camp. In my letters, I described how the forced labor camp had been torturing Dafa practitioners to force us to renounce our faith. I included real names. According to China's Constitutional Criminal Law, law enforcement offenders who carry out torture should be reported, and there should be sanctions. From the Chinese legal affairs brochure that someone gave me when I entered the labor camp, I learned that I had the right to expose the persecution and the tortures that practitioners were subjected to. In closing, I wrote that Dafa disciples should be allowed to follow their belief.

The guard would not take my letters and the reason she gave was that she was only in charge of criminal inmates, but not Dafa practitioners. One day, the director of the labor camp happened to come by our unit, so I personally handed the letters to the director. A few days later, the guard came to our cell and asked me who I'd given the letters to. I told her that I gave them to the director because she would not take my letters. She smiled and said, “You really have guts. We all read your letters. It was indeed unreasonable to extend your term. But you shouldn't be writing just for us to read here, but for the outside world. I haven't even touched you at all, right?” The two dozen detainees in the same cell were shocked to hear what she said.

Another year passed, and the CCP government staged the Tiananmen Square self-immolation in 2001 and blamed it on practitioners. The forced labor camp showed us the video. Many people were deceived by what they saw on TV, and the forced labor camp took advantage of that to slander Dafa. Those who had been “transformed” felt that they had made the right decision. The guards became even more hostile to us practitioners. I picked up my pen again and began to write to explain why the incident was fabricated to defame Dafa practitioners. I heard someone comment, “Within one minute or so, a policeman picked up the fire extinguisher and the blanket to put out the fires...”

At that time, I wrote with the firm belief of a Dafa disciple. I realized that the vicious forces were afraid of being exposed.

Exposing the Evil Forces and Completely Denying the Persecution

I was released in 2001. I began to write articles about the persecution in 2003. I wrote down everything I had witnessed and every detail I could get firsthand about the persecution. I wrote to the city Procuratorate and the Municipal People's Congress in 2004, suing the provincial labor camp for persecuting me. I signed the letters with my real name. After my letters were published on the Minghui website, I hand-copied the letters and then mailed them to the appropriate government departments.

Given the circumstances in China, it is not easy to get firsthand information about the persecution. A practitioner from our city was tortured to death in 2007, and that fact was hidden from the public for a long time. I asked a fellow practitioner who knew her well to help me investigate her case. This practitioner and I ran into a great deal of interference, but we finally found the practitioner's sister. We explained to the sister why we were there, but her sister was frightened and dared not tell us anything.

I realized something was wrong, so I decided to stay overnight so she could get to know me better. After chatting with me and learning about Dafa, she changed her mind and told me what had happened. She told me that her sister had died a month earlier and that her body had been cremated. She said that the city police department drafted an agreement in which they promised to pay the family 20,000 yuan as compensation. However, they were warned not to tell anyone about her death or the cause of her death. They lied that the 20,000 yuan was to help her family. City police department officers even monitored the family and forced them to have her sister's body cremated immediately.

I did not take any notes as I listened to her so as not to intimidate her. At that moment, however, Master opened up my wisdom, and I remembered clearly everything she told me, as if I was taking notes in my mind. 

When I turned on my computer the next day and was ready to write down the story, my stomach began to hurt terribly. I asked Master to help me and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces' persecution. I affirmed that the old forces' arrangements no longer applied to me since my life had been rearranged by Master. In less than ten minutes, the pain was gone. 

But when I planned to start writing again, I felt tired and could not open my eyes. I became alert right away and told myself that I must finish writing her story that day. When my righteous thoughts were strengthened with that thought, my mind became clear again. I finished the article and submitted it to Minghui that night.

Eliminating Influences of CCP Culture

Every mainland Chinese grew up in the CCP culture of deception, wickedness, and conflicts. It is hard for us to see how much the CCP culture still impacts us. Over a dozen years of writing articles for Minghui, with Master's help, I have recognized many bad thoughts stemming from CCP culture. I constantly eliminate CCP culture by studying the Fa and rectifying myself.

I wrote an article for the practitioners in a neighboring county to expose the evil forces in their county in 2004. They provided me with a few names of practitioners who were tortured. One practitioner was tortured, and when I edited my article, I used the term “hitting and kicking.” When I asked a fellow practitioner whether it was true, she told me that the torture was very brutal and was even worse than “hitting and kicking.” I submitted that article to Minghui and planned to use it for our local Minghui Weekly. After printing the issues, I ran into that practitioner who told me after reading the article that everything was accurate but the part that said “hitting and kicking.”

What could be done now that we had made so many copies? In the end, we used a small knife to scratch off that sentence on every copy. It took us a long time to correct every mistake. I realized afterward that it was due to the impact of the CCP's culture—doing things for appearance only and not paying attention to the details. How can we save the sentient beings with that kind of interference? This was a profound lesson for me.

Master also gave me hints. Once while I was writing about an experience sharing conference in China, I described a thrilling scene in a taxi. Practitioners were telling the plainclothes officers the facts about Dafa and finally convinced the young officer to withdraw from the CCP. I used some words that exaggerated what really happened but didn't even notice it. When I wrote the word “speak,” four words appeared on the computer monitor: “Speak without false words.” I snapped to attention and carefully looked back and deleted the parts that were not accurate. I am grateful to Master for pointing this out to me. Then this article was published. If this article had not published, the loss would have been profound. Every experience sharing article can help cleanse the evil beings in many dimensions. Dafa disciples must be truthful.

Master said:

“Haven’t we addressed that matter does not become extinct? Within a specific dimension, what a person has done or what a person does with a wave of his hand is all material existence, and anything he does will leave an image and a message. In another dimension it does not become extinct and will stay there forever. A person with supernormal abilities will know what happened by looking at the existing images of the past.” Zhuan Falun

I know that being truthful with our information is necessary to safeguard the reputation and integrity of the Minghui website. In other words, being truthful protects Dafa.

Now I am meticulous with the facts in my articles and constantly cleanse my mind to rid myself of all CCP culture.

In recent years, I began to write articles to expose the persecutions of Dafa practitioners in our local area. I am very grateful for those practitioners who have collaborated with me.

The workload is heavy and complicated because all the data and charts must be accurate. I need to elevate my xinxing to do a good job with every single detail I include in my articles. I've discovered many of my attachments, such as fear of difficulties, impatience, zealotry, and joy. Every time I encounter difficulties, I ask Master for help. For example, once I had to write a preface to a review. I had a general idea, and I asked Master to help me perfect it. With that thought, I finished it in one sitting. When I proofread it, I realized that I would not have done as good a job without Master's help.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize that writing is not a matter of simply “doing things.” It is a process of cultivating my mind and a process of letting go of attachments and purifying my mind. It helps me elevate my xinxing. We have experienced so many things in the past 18 years, and it is true that every Dafa disciple could write a book. Finally, I hope that each Dafa disciple cultivates well and assists Master in saving sentient beings.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners.