(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners from around the state of Florida participated in the 13th annual Central Florida Earth Day activities in Orlando on April 21, 2018. Fifteen practitioners introduced Falun Dafa to the community and raised awareness about the ongoing persecution of the practice in China.

Two hundred fifty vendors and exhibitors participated in the Earth Day event, most related to health and environmental issues. A congresswoman, city commissioner, and other officials attended the event.

The Falun Dafa booth was busy throughout the day. Many people read the displays, asked questions, took materials, and signed a petition to help rescue a Florida practitioner's mother who is being detained in China for her belief.

The pleasant weather allowed Earth Day attendees plenty of opportunities to enjoy the day. Practitioners talked to many other booth participants, who took Falun Dafa materials and signed the petition to help rescue the practitioner's mother. One participant invited practitioners to attend another event the following weekend to introduce Falun Dafa and demonstrate the exercises.

The practitioners had the opportunity to hold two ten-minute stage demonstrations to introduce the practice. Many people were happy to receive the Falun Dafa flyers during the demonstrations.

One practitioner visited Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy’s booth, and presented a staff member with a lotus flower, information about Falun Dafa, and talked about the persecution. The staff member accepted the materials on behalf of the congresswoman. Congresswoman Murphy is the first Vietnamese-American woman and second-ever Vietnamese-American person to be elected to Congress.

It was a great day, with Vietnamese, Western, and Chinese Falun Dafa practitioners speaking to many compassionate people about the benefits of Falun Dafa and about the brutal persecution in China.