(Minghui.org) I feel I have benefited from sharing cultivation experiences with practitioners in another city. They have a good environment in which to cultivate because they have have done solid cultivation and have become selfless.

A Selflessness Cultivation State

The practitioners in the other city have done an excellent job clarifying the truth. They cooperate well. Two people team up and clarify the truth door to door. If one team is not successful, another team takes over and goes to that house again.

They've gone to over 100 villages in some provinces with a 100% success rate since 2007. Everyone quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations.

In their sharing they talked about how all practitioners are equal and that the coordinators are not above any practitioner. They let go of the concept of self. For example, a practitioner’s family of four in a rural area was arrested. The parents were sentenced for many years. The 16-year-old daughter was held for a few days while the older daughter was detained for half a year.

Local practitioners took on the responsibility of caring for the two girls as if they were their own. They took turns looking after the girls and harvesting the family’s crop. Three-and-a-half years later, the mother was released and was grateful that her daughters had been taken very good care of and their home had been renovated by fellow practitioners. This practitioner had tears in her eyes as she recounted this.

What the fellow practitioners did touched the hearts of others and validated Dafa. It had a good influence in the city and manifested in the overall cultivation state of selflessness in the area.

Putting Others' Needs First

Many people who did not know the truth about Falun Dafa would report practitioners to the police. When other practitioners heard about this, the would put down whatever they were doing and try to save the practitioner.

Two practitioners were explaining the facts about Falun Dafa to two undercover officers who were new to the city. The officers took the practitioners to the police station. Many residents in that city knew the truth, and they immediately informed the practitioners’ friends.

Within an hour, about 60 practitioners arrived at the police station. They took turns going into the station to clarify the truth to the police. The practitioners outside the station sent forth righteous thoughts. The two practitioners were released four hours later.

Yingying had symptoms of a terminal illness, and the hospital told her family to prepare for her death. However, Lanlan, a veteran practitioner, did not give up on her. Lanlan took Yingying into her home, took care of her, and played Master Li's lectures for her. She also gathered practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts.

Within less than three months, Yingying recovered. Lanlan already had to take care of her over 80-year-old mother-in-law. Just think about how difficult would it be for her to also care for Yingying. But Lanlan conducted herself according to the Fa. Her xinxing had reached the standard of a true practitioner and that is why a miracle occurred. She had validated Dafa in such a positive way and had a great impact in the area.

Looking Within Without Reservation

Cultivators should look within without reservation for their own faults.

Huihui coordinated many practitioners to help harvest crops for a practitioner who lived on the farm. She did it for three years in a row. Another practitioner told her not to coordinate this year because they did not need a boss.

Huihui felt wronged. She thought to herself, “I've done so much for everyone. I prepared the tools for all the practitioners and made lunch for them.” The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt. She could not ride her bicycle. As she was pushing the bicycle, she suddenly realized that she held an attachment.

She did not want to hear criticism. That’s why Master used another practitioner to let her find her attachment. It was time to let go of self. After thinking about it, her body immediately felt really light. She had passed a test.

Over 100 Practitioners Returned to Dafa

Master does not want to loose even one disciple, so we should not give up on anyone who once practiced.

Haihai is a 79-year-old veteran practitioner. He was a coordinator before 1999. He spent three years visiting over 100 villages to find former practitioners to encourage them to resume cultivation. This was very difficult to do. He was often yelled at and told by the former practitioners’ families to leave.

Haihai went to a former practitioner’s home and met his wife. When his wife found out why Haihai was there, she kicked him out of the house. But Haihai did not give up. Within three years, he helped over 100 practitioners return the practice.

The situation in that city is a reflection of the cultivation state of that entire body of practitioners. This is the path that Master wants us to walk on: to be righteous, to save sentient beings, and to validate the Fa.