(Minghui.org) There is a Chinese saying: “Rivers and mountains may be changed but it’s hard to alter a man’s nature.” This suggests that it is harder to change a person’s character than it is to change rivers and mountains.

But Falun Dafa practitioners' experiences are proving that it can now be said: “Rivers and mountains may be changed, a man’s nature can also be altered.”

Falun Dafa Changes a 60-Year-Old Abusive Woman

Wang Xianglian is in her 60s and lives in the remote countryside. Her health and economic situation were both poor. The hardships in her life made her a very tough woman who easily became angry and abusive, even to the point of beating people. Fearless, she created large disturbances in the township government office, because she thought the distribution of the relief fund was unfair.

One time after her vegetables were stolen, she hung an aluminum lid in front of her house and banged on it the whole night. After a few fights with her, the village head let her earn the same salary as a man for her farm work, which was unprecedented. If anybody insulted her or her family she would block the front of that person’s door and shout at them.

The officials could not do anything with her. When Falun Dafa spread to her hometown in 1996, the village leader and county leader both said, “Whoever can get Wang Xianglian to practice Falun Dafa will have accomplished a great deal.”

So people tried to persuade her to practice Falun Dafa. They told her that the practice would cure illnesses without spending a penny. Ms. Wang was moved by these words because she was not in good health.

There was nobody in her village who had learned the practice, so she went to a nearby city to get the book Zhuan Falun on June 28, 1997. She took the book back to her village and read it. Afterward, she cried countless times as she suddenly understood the real meaning of life. She realized that it was too tiring to fight in life. Her resentment was dissolved and her heart became bright. Life became hopeful and meaningful for her ever since.

She stopped her bad habits of fighting, beating, and abusing others, learned to respect others, and became tolerant. She no longer fought over losses and instead she was polite and considerate of other villagers. She considered others first and always tried to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Within half a year she became very healthy and younger looking.

In the past, nobody was able to collect a management fee from her, even if she had the money. The second year into her practice of Falun Dafa, she happily submitted the money, surprising the local officials.

They said: “We’ve tried collecting from this area and nobody has submitted fees yet except you. You have really changed, which also gives us a fresh outlook. What power caused you to be so reasonable?”

She said: “Because I practice Falun Dafa. Falun Dafa changed me. Our Master tells us to be good people who always consider the need of others.”

A few officials gave her a thumbs up after hearing this and said, “We admire your Master and Falun Dafa. Your Master is amazing.”

All the villagers saw how she transformed through cultivation and said: “Wang Xianglian really changed down to her bones. She seems to be another person. Falun Dafa is remarkable.”

In the past, villagers always tried to avoid her. Recently, however, she needed to build a new house and all the villagers came to help. This is because the cultivation of Falun Dafa improved her character.