(Minghui.org) Ms. Jiang Xianfeng had to be taken to the hospital after a month of torture while in custody.

She was arrested on July 21, 2016, for practicing Falun Gong, a spiritual practice persecuted by the communist regime since 1999. Authorities conducted a show trial in her hospital room, and she was sentenced to a year and a half in prison.

Ms. Jiang was taken to Longquanyi Women's Prison on January 22, 2017. There, she was subjected to nonstop torture by inmates who were eager to earn points for term reductions by forcing her to renounce Falun Gong.

She developed high blood pressure and pancreatitis and was sent to the prison hospital three times during her imprisonment. She left the prison emaciated.

Below is Ms. Jiang’s account of the torture she endured in the prison.

Sentenced to Prison in the Hospital

I was arrested on my way back home from grocery shopping on July 21, 2016. The police handcuffed me at the station and tied my hands behind my back with a long belt. They shackled me and cuffed me to a chair to interrogate me.

After hours of interrogation, they unlocked the cuffs but kept my hands tied behind me. They brought me back home and ransacked the house. They confiscated my Falun Gong literature and a computer before they brought me back to the police station.

The police took me to a hospital at 3 am for a physical examination, preparing to send me to the detention center. After being tied to the chair for hours, my blood pressure reached 250 mmHg systolic. My body kept shaking. Two officers held my hands while doctors examined me.

The police took me to Wanyaoshu Detention Center in Panzhihua City in the morning. As soon as I entered the cell, six prisoners ran over to me. One grabbed my hair, and one choked my neck. Others dragged me to a corner of the cell. A guard hit me in the face. My vision blurred, and I lost consciousness.

After a month of detention, I developed high blood pressure. A guard took me to a hospital, where I was confined for five months.

They cuffed my hands and feet and didn't allow me to leave my bed to walk or stretch. People arranged by the police monitored me around the clock. Once, I was locked in spread-eagle position for more than 20 days after they found out I was planning to file a complaint against them.

I had no water to drink and was only allowed to eat some kind of porridge. I developed acute pancreatitis during my stay in the hospital.

Renhe Court in Panzhihua City held a show trial for me in the hospital room on November 11, 2016. I was cuffed to the bed during the trial.

On December 24, 2016, I was given a one-and-a-half-year prison sentence and fined 3,000 yuan.

A police officer told me that “higher-ups” were angry about my practicing Falun Gong and my efforts to raise awareness of the persecution, that they ordered the police and court system to persecute me. They didn't allow me to appeal the sentence and instead attempted to force me to accept the persecution.

I was taken to Longquanyi Women's Prison on January 22, 2017, to serve my term.

Nonstop Torture in Prison

Deprived of Showers, Long Hours of Standing and Interrupted Sleep

I was under 24-hour surveillance by inmates in the prison. Because I refused to renounce Falun Gong, they didn't allow me to take showers, change my clothes, or even use toilet paper when I relieved myself.

The inmates forced me to stand from 5 am to 12 am each day. They later extended the time to 2 am before allowing me to sleep. My legs swelled, and I had to cut my pants around the lower leg in order to fit into them.

During my very limited sleep, they woke me up every 30 minutes.

Just two months after I was taken to the prison, I was admitted to the prison hospital.

Savage Beatings and Brainwashing

After I left the prison hospital, the inmates continued to force me to stand for long hours every day. They drew a small circle around my feet. Whenever I moved my feet out of the circle, they beat and verbally abused me. Meanwhile, they forced me to watch propaganda videos slandering Falun Gong.

Some inmates attempted to force me to press my fingerprints on a document slandering Falun Gong. When I refused to cooperate with them, they glued the paper to my clothes or my bed to humiliate me.

Inmates Given Incentives to “Transform” Me

When all of their methods failed to brainwash and “transform” me (force me to renounce Falun Gong), they started another round of abuse.

The inmates began to feed me nerve-damaging drugs three times a day. They only gave me one meal with very little food and didn't allow me to drink water. Shortly after that, I developed pancreatitis again and was sent to the prison hospital for the second time.

After the weather warmed up, they forced me to wear winter clothes and use a thick comforter when I slept. One inmate kicked me every day at 4 am until she was exhausted. Then, she would go back to sleep.

With the prison's offering of term reductions for successful “transformations” of Falun Gong practitioners, the inmates used all kinds of methods to torture me. Some spat on me, some pulled my hair, some bashed my head against a wall, and some poured ice-cold water onto my head and didn't allow me to change clothes after I was completely drenched.

In particular, a new inmate kicked my ribs and belly every day, as well as my waist, where I had a bone fracture from a previous imprisonment. She also asked me to thank her for not beating me to death. I was soon sent to the prison hospital for the third time.

On January 21, 2018, I was finally released from the prison after one year of non-stop torture.

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