My name is Jiang Xianfeng. I am a Dafa practitioner, female, and 54 years old. I live in Residence Compound 49, Gear Belt Steel Mill, at Renhe District, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province.

I was persecuted by Jiang's regime due to my persistent belief in "Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance." On November 11, 2002, I was illegally sent to Zizhongnanmusi Female Forced Labor Camp and released on January 30, 2004. During this period, I suffered various cruel tortures, both mentally and physically.

1. Forced to Stand for Long Periods of Time

The forced labor camp detained me in Brigade 5 after I was sent there. The head of the brigade was named Ma. I was forced to stand in the "Army Corps" posture from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. for three days. From the fourth day on, I was forced to stand with two hands extending over the head and staying on my handprint drawn on the wall. My hands were not supposed to move and my eyes were to remain open. I was forced to stand for as long as 19 hours a day. The least was 13 hours a day. I was forced to stand like this for 23 days. In Brigade 5, all together I stood like this for 29 days. My feet were too swollen to put on shoes after 29 days. Wang Li, a prisoner acting as watchdog over me, asked brigade head Ma for warm water to wash my feet, but she was refused.

On October 1, 2002, I was transferred to Brigade 8 and forced to stand facing the wall in the cell for about fifteen days. Then I was forced to stand in the exercise yard for twenty-four hours a day. I was not even allowed to squat or lean against the wall while having meals. Except for heavy downpours and snow days when I was allowed to stand in the corridor, I had to stand in the exercise yard 24 hours a day, exposed to the elements. This was the first punishment in Brigade 8. The second time I was punished to stand for twenty hours a day for about a month in the cell because I refused to read booklets slandering Teacher Li Hongzhi. When I was punished to stand for the third time, doctors from the forced labor camp diagnosed that I had comminuted bone fracture due to a lack of calcium in my body. Completely ignoring my physical condition, the policemen in the forced labor camp continued to punish me to stand in cell 16. I was punished to stand for 24 hours a day every day for more than three months in Brigade 8. Li Chi was the Brigade Leader, who arranged 25 prisoners to watch over our steadfast Dafa practitioners.

2. Forced to Sit in the "Army Corps" Posture

When I was detained in Brigade 8, I was punished to sit in the "Army Corps" posture 24 hours a day, every day, for over a month in January and February 2003. Except for being punished to stand, having meals, sleeping, cleaning, and being brainwashed by collaborators (1), I had to sit in the "Army Corps" posture for the rest of the day. During this period, I had scabies all over my body and boils all over my buttocks.

3. Deprived of Sleep

While I was punished to stand for over three months and to sit in the "Army Corps" posture for over a month in Brigade 8, I was not allowed to close my eyes to have a rest. As a result, I frequently lost consciousness.

4. Deprived of Personal Hygiene

When I was forced to stand for a long time and to sit in the "Army Corps" posture for four months, I was not allowed to wash my face or rinse my teeth, let alone wash or change clothes. Except for over 40 days when they lied, saying that I was transformed, they only allowed me to clean myself once at 11:00 p.m., and to take a bath and change clothes once in a month for the rest of the time till I left the forced labor camp.

5. Force-Fed with Filthy Water

Around March 2003, prisoner Yan Xiaoli was in charge of force-feeding me with filthy water, one big Sprite bottle or three traveling cups of filthy water every day. It was the water used by more than 100 people for washing their faces and feet, chamber pots, toilets, mops and brooms, and clothes. They used such filthy water to force-feed me. They also used the water that was used by people to wash their hands after they dug out their scabs. In addition, they forced to me drink smelly, black water from cups that were left by prisoners who had been gone for months. There was one time when they force-fed me with too much such dirty water and it leaked out of my mouth. They force-fed me like this for about a month.

6. Denied Use of the Toilet

From January 2003 when I was detained in Brigade 8 until I came out of the forced labor camp, except for the 40 days when they said that I was transformed, they only allowed me to relieve myself twice a day. During the three months when prisoners Li Kun and Guo Hong supervised me, they only allowed me to go to the washroom once every 24 hours. The worst time was the month when prisoner Yan Xiaoli was force-feeding me. Directed by the policemen, she did not even allow me to go to the washroom once. With no other options, I had to relieve myself in my pants. In addition, she did not allow me to change the pants. The pants became wet and dry, again and again, every day.

7. Brutal Beatings

During the two years of my detention in the forced labor camp, both in Brigade 8 and in Brigade 5, I was often beaten. They used metal clothes hangers to beat my head, used sticks to beat my back, and kicked me with heavy boots. One day when I was in Brigade 8, more than ten people came to beat me after I refused to read a booklet slandering Teacher Li Hongzhi. They tied up the two middle fingers of my hands and the big toes of my feet, stuffed my mouth with rags, and stripped clothes off my lower body and asked prisoner Xiang Qun to brush my vagina with a toothbrush. They gave up after Xiang Qun could not bring herself to do it. However, more than ten people began to beat me in turn. Another came up after the previous one became exhausted.

They kicked me in the back first, and then they took the rags out of my mouth, asking me, "Are you going to read it or not?" I said, "No." They started another round, knocking me down to the floor and beating my back with a walking stick. After all of them were tired, they got a prisoner named Li Hong to come and kick me. I felt that my back was broken and had difficulty walking. Several days later, I requested to see a doctor. Prisoner Xiang Qun and Chen Liuying decided to examine me. Seeing that my body was swollen and bluish, they were afraid that their evil actions were going to be exposed and said, "No. You cannot see a doctor." I requested again to see a doctor a few days later. As a result, Dr. Chen prescribed me some medicine without doing an examination. A few days later I was allowed to have a bath with a half basin of water.

When I could stand with difficulty with a badly injured back, the prisoners on duty at night still beat me every night till the next morning. Prisoner Yan Xiaoli beat me during the day, pulling my hair every day. They stopped beating me in the month when I could no longer stand up due to the severe injuries to my back. Li Chi, Head of the Brigade, however, used new methods to torture me. He only allowed me to lie down facing up and did not allow me to turn and to move. He even wanted to handcuff my hands, but I stopped him. When I could stand up again, they began to beat me again from the morning to night, slapping my face and hitting me with mental clothes hangers. The collaborators Huang Yuewen, Ji Cuixiang, and Ye Bo supervised me and cruelly beat me till I fainted. They also stomped on my stomach and often used a big needle (for sewing a quilt) to poke into my hands. When I was in Brigade 5, my right foot was deformed from the beatings, which didn't recover from it until six months later.

8. Forced to Squat

In November 2003, when they saw that I still insisted on practicing Dafa, they again forced me to squat right after breakfast. I was forced to squat till very late at night except suppertime, 12 hours every day for five straight days.

9. Mental Torture

When I was detained in the forced labor camp, apart from eating, sleeping, military training, and being punished to stand, sit, and squat, there were always three to eight people slandering Teacher Li Hongzhi and Dafa around me the rest of the time every day. They took turns to curse me, my daughter, and my ancestors. They surrounded me and yelled at me constantly. They put me in a small, dark room that could only hold a bed, taking turns to try to persuade me to give up my belief in "Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance".

Zhou Chengshu often pinched my body and forced me to read a booklet slandering Dafa. Seven of them held me down on the floor and held my neck tightly, forcing me to leave my fingerprint on a piece of paper. Then they lied to everyone in the brigade, saying that I was "transformed." They also forced me to read a booklet called "Thought and Moral Tutelage," which slandered Teacher Li Hongzhi. When I refused to read it, I was subjected to all kinds of mental and physical torture.

10. Doused with Cold Water in the Winter

It was cold in deep winter even when we wore coats. They poured cold water down my back under my clothes, soaking my clothes and trying to freeze me.

11. Forced to Sleep on the Wet Floor

They forced me to sleep in a room with water on the floor on the first floor during November and December 2003. Others had cushions, but I had a wooden board instead. The blanket would be soaking wet after I got up the next morning. I was forced to sleep in these conditions on the first floor for 45 days and several months on the third floor.


I was illegally sent to the forced labor camp just because I practice Falun Dafa and try to be a good person according to "Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance." I was illegally detained, persecuted, and tortured for two years and 19 days there.

I overcame all of this because I believe in Dafa. In addition, my injured back miraculously recovered due to the power of Dafa. I have a mother who needs to be looked after and a teenage daughter without a father. The followers of Jiang Zemin persecuted me for more than two years, tearing apart my family.

By following Jiang's regime in this persecution, those institutions and individuals that participated in persecuting me abused the law and severely violated my rights. I will persist in appealing for Dafa. One day in the future, all the personnel who have committed crimes must be brought to justice. For their own sake, I hope that those who have committed crimes will start treating Dafa practitioners well.

August 30, 2004


(1) Collaborators: Former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to brainwashing and torture