(Minghui.org) My granddaughter has been living with me since she was born. Whenever I would do the Falun Dafa exercises, she would follow along. She could recite Master Li Hongzhi's poems and Lunyu when she was three years old. And she would be quiet and behave whenever I took her to a practitioner's home for Fa study.

Since the persecution of Falun Dafa started in July 1999, all of the state-run media slandered the practice. So I began to talk to people to clarify the facts, giving out fliers to let people know the facts about Falun Dafa. My granddaughter also went with me.

When the police came to search my house in 2013, they confiscated my Dafa books. My granddaughter grabbed one of the books from police and told him: “This is my book. You can't take it.”

The police wanted to take me to the police station, but my granddaughter insisted on going with me. She told the police, “I worry about my grandmother. I must go with her. Otherwise, you have to release her.”

A Miracle Happens

My granddaughter was run over by a car in 2016 while crossing the road after school. At the hospital, the doctor said that a bone in her right foot was fractured.

The doctor first stitched the broken skin and said that my granddaughter would need an operation. In the meantime, the doctor asked us to buy a brace to keep her foot from moving.

Though I bought one, I believed that her foot wouldn't be a problem because we have Master Li protecting us.

I asked my granddaughter to recite, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

When my granddaughter went to the hospital to have her stitches taken out two weeks later, she was asked to have another X-ray. To the doctor's surprise, the bone was healed. The medical staff thought that it was inconceivable.

Even the police officer who was at the scene couldn't believe that a car could go over a girl's foot without leaving any serious injury. He showed us video of the accident and how the car rolled right over her foot.

“It is really amazing! You must have a Buddha protecting you,” he said.