(Minghui.org) I'd like to share two examples of how powerful it is when we practitioners cooperate well.

Prison Stopped Forcing Practitioners to Give up Their Belief

When the persecution of Falun Gong began, I was frightened and not very clear about what I should do.

Most of the practitioners who succeeded in broadcasting truth-clarifying videos on national TV were arrested—from their workplaces, their homes, on the road, and even in a supermarket. They were taken to a brainwashing center and brutally tortured if they refused to give up their belief. Within 100 days, three practitioners who were detained at a local prison were tortured to death. We were very sad and didn't know what to do.

One day (I believe it was Master Li Hongzhi's arrangement), several of us got together to share our experiences. We realized that all we were doing was avoiding being persecuted, and we weren't doing anything to counteract the persecution. We realized that we should cooperate with each other to protest the persecution and bring it to an end and that we should clarify the truth to people to save them.

We already knew that publicizing the evil things that the authorities were doing was the most effective way to stop the persecution, so we started to clarify the truth to people, even as we encouraged more and more practitioners to join us. One more poster, one more pamphlet were better than nothing. Gradually, more and more practitioners started to participate.

We put up as many truth-clarifying flyers and posters as possible near the prison, brainwashing center, and government agencies. We put posters on walls, hung informational materials on door handles, and spoke to people face to face. We hung up a 12-meter-long banner that said: “Close the Brainwashing Center, Bring Those Responsible to Justice, Stop the Persecution, Release Innocent Practitioner X.” We put up more than 10,000 posters.

We never stopped posting information. If anything was torn off, we would re-hang it the next day.

The brainwashing center was soon shut down and hasn't re-opened in the last 10 years. In the prison, the guards stopped pressuring practitioners to give up their beliefs. We were encouraged by how powerful it was when we worked together as a whole, and we cooperated even better.

Nearly Dead Practitioner Recovers

In 2003, we learned that a young practitioner's life was in danger from being brutally tortured. He was sentenced to 20 years in jail for not giving up his belief.

I worked together with other practitioners to rescue him. Some of us wrote an article and sent it to the Minghui website to document the persecution, some sent forth righteous thoughts nonstop, some distributed informational materials, and some talked about the persecution to everyone they met. We did this relentlessly for nearly a year, and the young practitioner was eventually released.

Days passed, and the young practitioner was near death. He was bedridden and unconscious for a long time, and his weight dropped from 150 to less than 100 pounds. His eyelids shrunk while his eyeballs bulged, until he couldn't close his eyes. His gums receded, with the roots of his teeth all exposed. His heart and lungs were so weak that he could hardly breathe. His muscles had atrophied, and bones stuck out. Other prisoners said, “Even a wolf won't touch you. All that's left are bones.” The day he was released, no one doubted he would die soon.

Despite his condition, the police did not stop monitoring him even after he returned home. I knew he was in danger and decided to secretly bring him to my home. I made it with the help of a middle-aged man and Master.

The first week, I barely slept. I watched him all night long and kept on sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. Every day we arranged for a practitioner to study the Fa with him, and I did the exercises with him. He continued to improve over the course of three months and was finally back to normal His relatives never forgot what we practitioners did for so many years and always appreciate Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners.