(Minghui.org) My son was divorced and had custody of his son. He left him with me since he was two-months-old. A couple of years later, my son married again and had another baby. This daughter-in-law changed her attitude towards Falun Dafa and helped me to spread the facts about the practice.

Displaying the Goodness of Dafa

My son asked me to take care of his new wife when she was about to give birth. Since it was winter break and my grandson did not have school, I agreed, and we moved into my son's home.

The first day, my daughter-in-law took me to a supermarket, suggesting that I should purchase some items for them. I hesitated at first because I did not want to provide financial support. I had to use my savings to take care of my grandson and myself. However, another thought told me that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and this was not accidental.

While at my son's home, I took care of all the chores and expenses. My daughter-in-law’s mother was also there. In the beginning, my daughter-in-law threw her dirty laundry in an obvious place for me to see. I picked everything up and did the laundry. After a while, she started hiding her dirty laundry or passed them on to her mother. Yet, I still took care of it whenever I noticed it. I took care of her for one month after the baby was born.

I then went back home because the winter holidays were over. It did not take too long before my son brought his wife and baby to my home. He was busy at work and did not have time to take care of them. I thought that I might still have attachments, which could be the reason why my daughter-in-law was in my home.

The situation put a lot of pressure on me, as I wanted to do Dafa projects, rather than taking care of her and her baby. But, I decided to deal with her and do what I had to do.

My daughter-in-law tried to antagonize me. She dropped baby poop on the floor and left trash upstairs. However, I treated her nicely, took care of her and her baby, did not complain, cleaned her mess, and took the trash out.

Changes in Daughter-in-law

She began to change. Later she told me, “Mom, one can be nice to someone maybe one or two days, but one can’t be nice forever, except you. You are always there for us.”

Then she changed into a different person and began to do house chores. She also bought me some clothes. She not only took our trash out, but also the trash from another practitioner who lived in the same building. We were getting along very well. People thought that we were mother and daughter.

My daughter-in-law stayed with me until she stopped breastfeeding. She left in tears. I frequently told her about the goodness of Dafa and my cultivation experiences. She understood the truth about Dafa and asked me to help her quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

She then told me about a terrible dream. Many rocks dropped from the sky and people were hit and died, but only practitioners did not get hit. I used this as an opportunity to tell her more facts about Dafa.