(Minghui.org) A Falun Dafa practitioner once met the deputy director of a police station in his friend's shop. The officer looked at the practitioner and asked, “Are you a Falun Dafa practitioner? I'm responsible for arresting practitioners in this area. It is pretty amazing how much people change their behavior once they learn the practice, isn't it?”

He then told the practitioner a true story.

“There was a gangster around here who was well-known for getting into fights,” said the officer. “Every three to five days, people would report him to us, giving us a big headache. He would pick a fight with anyone and all the police knew him.”

“Wherever a fight broke out, we knew that he must be involved.” The officer continued. “But, for whatever reason, we couldn't detain him. No one could do anything about him. In the end, we would just pass him by when we saw him.”

“But no one has reported him to us over the past two years, which we thought was really strange. So we asked the people in his village, and were told that he started practicing Falun Dafa.”

The villagers told this officer that the gangster had stopped fighting and started doing good things for others. For example, he helped the local primary school fix the leaking roof, repaired their school windows and their road after it flooded.

“But then, we had to arrest him because he practices Falun Dafa,” sighed the officer.

The policeman continued, “We drove to his village to arrest him, but the man's words left us at a loss.”

“He said, 'You don't arrest me when I fought with others, but now I practice Falun Dafa and want to be a good person, and you want to arrest me. Would you prefer that I became a troublemaker again?'”

The officer told him that it'd be better for him to practice at home and not let others know if he thought that Dafa was good. They then left.

In the end, this officer murmured, “Falun Dafa can truly change people!”

Later, the practitioner learned that this officer got promoted.

People who understand that Dafa is good will be blessed for protecting its practitioners.