(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa before the persecution began on July 20, 1999. Dafa changed me from someone troubled by various ailments and low self esteem to a person full of happiness and optimism. 

Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, gave me that confidence and competence. I have had many wonderful experiences during the years that I have cultivated in Falun Dafa. I would like to share how I help my students and their parents learn the facts about Dafa and the persecution.

A Popular Art Teacher with No Art Degree

I learned the basics of drawing from my father, but otherwise have never had any formal education in drawing or painting.

I found a job at a private art school to teach drawing to young children. However, some parents learned very soon that I did not have a degree in art and they complained to the school administration. I quit that job.

I decided to open a small art studio myself since I did not have any income after quitting that job. Working at home would not only give me an income but also allow me to care for my children. I renovated a room for a classroom and hung some of my paintings on the wall. My art studio was ready.

To recruit students, I posted some ads near an elementary school, but was not sure at all if anyone would contact me. To my surprise, six or seven students came to my open house, and I knew that it was Master who made it possible.

I reminded myself that I must follow Master's teachings, and do what Master wants His disciples to do. I would teach the traditional way of painting, and would absolutely refuse to teach modern society's degenerate and obscure style of painting.

For calligraphy, I teach the traditional Chinese writing styles. Although I had never been trained in an art institute, I taught myself the traditional methods. Some students wanted to learn sketching. I was not very familiar with sketching, but I encouraged myself that, being a Dafa disciple, if I did not stray from the principles of Falun Dafa and studied hard, Master would give me wisdom and strength.

With perseverance and Master's help, my small studio enterprise continued to grow. More and more students came to learn from me. Soon the room was too small to hold all of my students so I rented a larger space across the street from my house. I hired a few teachers since I did not have the capacity to teach all of my students myself.

I treated my students as my own children, and I took care of them with patience and love. Some of my students had joined art groups at school, and they came to my school in their leisure time.

The art teacher at school did not teach them the basics, so they often came to ask me questions. I always addressed their requests with patience, and shared with them everything I knew. Some of my students won awards in county art competitions, and two of my students won first and second places in the provincial and city art competitions. One of my students won awards three years in a row.

A parent told me, “The school art teacher actually did not teach them anything. However, the awards and money that they earned all went to them [the school art teacher] and you did not gain anything for your efforts.”

I said to the parent, “It's fine with me. Our goal is to help students learn how to paint. Isn't it our common goal?” I knew that it was a good opportunity for me to let go of attachments to fame and financial gain.

One of my students was a second grader who was very selfish, and he often lied. He frequently got himself in trouble at school, and bullied other students. He was jealous of other students' paintings, so he secretly destroyed their paintings. He even stole. I talked to him about it, and encouraged him to be good, but to little avail. I became impatient with him, and even thought about asking him to leave.

Some of his classmates complained about him to his parents, and his parents felt very bad, and were conflicted as to what could be done. They told me that no teacher wanted their son. I was the only teacher who had the patience to teach him. Because I did not give up on him, they would continue sending him to me.

Being a Dafa disciple, I was determined to rectify everything that needed to be rectified. I must have compassion toward this student. He came to learn with me, so it meant that we had a karmic relationship and I was responsible for him.

I would never give up on him. After class, I talked to the boy. “If you are honest with others, others will trust you. It doesn't mean anything if you are better at fighting with others and beating people up. Courage does not come through violence. Overcoming yourself is indeed courage, and that is even more courageous. I trust you, but you need to have faith in yourself that you can overcome your shortcomings and become a good student.”

Gradually he could concentrate and listen to me. He took my art lessons for four years, and eventually changed into a different person. He even became a top student in his class. His parents were very grateful to me. Through teaching this student, I also found faults in myself, and improved in my own cultivation.

My Art Studio Is a Pure Land

During breaks, I tell my students legends and folktales inspired by the divine culture of China. I seek opportunities to tell them the facts of Dafa. I tell them why they should not wear the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Young Pioneer's red neck scarf, and why they should withdraw from the Communist Youth League.

Some students understood me and renounced their memberships right away, but some were not very sure about what to do at the beginning. I knew that being young, their minds had been polluted by the CCP's propaganda.

I continued to clarify the facts to help them gain a better understanding of Falun Dafa, and the persecution. With my help, all of my students quit the CCP's organizations. When they thanked me, I was delighted for them.

Occasionally, my ordinary human side was afraid that some parents would report me to the authorities. When that attachment surfaced, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it, and also all the other factors that interfered with my students from being saved. When my thinking became calm again, it became easier to clarify the facts to people.

I have not joined any art associations, since their primary goals are about fame and money. They organize events to make money. The members' ultimate goal is to become famous so that they can sell more of their paintings.

My art studio is a piece of pure land, and my goal is to educate my students well. However, sometimes I do take part in art exhibits organized by the county government with the goal of promoting traditional Chinese culture. I want more Chinese people to see the genuine Chinese traditions and real art with high moral standards.

I have been teaching for many years now, and my students and their parents trust me. I use my heart to teach my students. My fees are the lowest in comparison with other art studios in the area, and I never charge for any extras.

I always give refunds whenever students decide to stop taking my classes. I tell the parents that I will not take their money if their children decide to quit my class. I know that being a cultivator, I will not take anything that is not mine.

I follow Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Many parents have told me that they feel safe and comfortable sending their children to learn from me.

I know that everything I have today is given by Master. I would not have come this far without Master's protection and guidance.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!