(Minghui.org) Another practitioner and I traveled to a nearby county to visit Ying (alias), a fellow practitioner. We were looking for her building along the street when we saw a conspicuous “Falun Dafa is good” sign on a door. Then we knew we were at the right place. 

Ying's unit has a large door, and the sign placed on it was large, too. We were very impressed with Ying's righteous thoughts when we saw the sign. I felt the difference between her cultivation and mine. I had not put up the sign that she had given me last year, so I decided that I would do it when I got home.

Insider her home, Falun Dafa pictures were also up everywhere. A large “Falun Dafa is good” amulet was hung at the door. I commented on the sign placed outside, that it was truly eye catching and powerful, and very much the Dafa information that sentient beings needed to see. Ying said that she’d put it there two years ago.

While sharing experiences with Ying, she said that the local practitioners talked about hanging large banners during the New Year Festival so as to have sentient beings see the important information. They all worked together one night and hung up many different types and sizes of banners. Banners were soon hung everywhere. Some were placed on larger streets, some in small alleys, some on trees, some on the walls, and some on utility poles. The trees and utility poles along the boulevards were filled with yellow banners.

Two practitioners were hanging a large banner when a police car drove up. An officer got out of the car. “Take your time,” he said with a smile. He waved his hand and left. Apparently, the police were supportive of the Dafa practitioners in that area.

Some practitioners distributed Dafa informational pamphlets door to door while several elderly practitioners stayed home to send forth righteous thoughts.

The practitioners there all attended the Fa-study groups. They sent forth righteous thoughts regularly four times a day, and then some. Practitioners studied the Fa, cultivated their xinxing, and followed a cultivator's standard in their actions. They followed Teacher's request to do the three things well, so more and more people in that area had learned the facts about Falun Gong. As such, the whole environment became more favorable to Dafa.

The practitioners in Ying's area were affected, however, when police arrested practitioners on a large scale in our area in 2016. Their local police station learned that the Domestic Security Division officers were going to arrest practitioners there, so they attempted to warn the practitioners. It happened that one of Ying’s neighbors was at the police station. The chief told him to inform Ying, and he asked her to hide.

Ying asked Teacher for help and left home. Her family helped to hide the Dafa materials. Two dozen police officers came 30 minutes later. They searched the home, but could not find anything.

After leaving Ying’s and hearing about all of this, I reflected on the situation after I got home. I was impressed with how Ying did so well. Yet I am also a Dafa disciple, so I need to be diligent too.

To do so, I will study the Fa, cultivate my xinxing, and do the three things well. I will cooperate with other practitioners, save sentient beings, and accomplish my mission.