(Minghui.org) Clarifying the facts to the Chinese people is like a relay race. Some people may not agree to quit the Chinese Communist Party the first time we talk to them. But after several different practitioners talk to them, they will eventually change their mind.

A lady came to the shop where I worked one day. She was almost 80 years old. I was in a different room, but I heard her talking to a colleague. “You have no idea,” she said. “I met a Falun Gong person today, and she kept talking to me. I didn't want to listen! I have no idea why they talk about the quitting the Party.”

It wasn't coincidental that I heard her. I felt compelled to talk to her and further clarify the facts.

I went over and said, “Hi. Do you know much about Falun Gong?”

“I'm not interested,” she said.

“But it seems like you don't really like them.”

“They always ask you to quit the communist party, this and that. It's the Party who pays you and yet you are against it. Why do you do that? I have no idea why they talk about quitting the Party.”

To help her understand it better, I gave her an example. “Imagine you are in a tall building. Someone knows it is going to collapse and asks you to leave. You think, 'This is a new building and I don't believe it will collapse' and refuse to leave. If, in the end, it does collapse, who's to blame for the consequences?”

I also told her that she earned her income through her own hard work, not because the Party gave it to her. She agreed.

I reminded her about the vow we made when we joined the Party, that we dedicated our lives to it. “A vow like that can ruin your life.” She agreed with that, too.

“Think about those Falun Gong practitioners. They risk their own lives to tell you this and don't ask for anything in return. It is because they want you to be safe.”

“Now I see what you mean.” She finally understood and agreed to quit the Party.