(Minghui.org) We Western practitioners have been given a precious opportunity for the first time: an invitation to share our cultivation experiences, not only amongst ourselves but also with the main body of practitioners in Mainland China. And to do so in honor of a most solemn occasion–World Falun Dafa Day!

The Call for Cultivation Experience Sharing Articles from Western Falun Dafa Practitioners asks for submissions to be received by the 1st of April. Time is running short.

Not Just for Practitioners

We all know the great benefits that experience sharing yields to us as cultivators. Yet for World Falun Dafa Day, we are asked to share stories that can also touch the hearts of non-practitioners both in our own countries and in China.

Many of us have witnessed first-hand how successful our truth-clarification efforts are when Chinese people see Westerners embrace Dafa.

Our non-Chinese faces have the potential to immediately shatter layer upon layer of the Party propaganda that poisons the minds of so many people.

Isn’t that what we’re here for, after all? To help Master save more sentient beings?

Overcoming Obstacles

I still have gaps in my cultivation, and they can sometimes be taken advantage of. In this case, I was lulled into a sense that maybe the Call for Articles isn’t that important, or that it can wait, or that others besides me will be sure to submit plenty of papers.

But talking to my fellow practitioners, I realized that very few have written anything. I then read My Understanding of Minghui’s Recent Call for Article Submissions from Westerners and "We Chinese Look Forward to Reading Articles from Western Practitioners".

Thanks to all of this, I woke up to the realization that I needed to do something.

What to Write About

I wondered what I could write about. “Who would be interested in my story?” I asked myself. I often feel that my own cultivation experiences are not that interesting, but I recently learned how wrong I was.

I had the opportunity to chat over coffee with a group of Western practitioners, both veteran and new, who live in different parts of the country than I do. Answering the simple question, “How did you learn about Dafa,” I learned that my story is far more interesting to others than I had realized.

In fact, they immediately spoke about principles from my sharing that had taken me years to understand!

It then occurred to me that the papers that we submit for World Falun Dafa Day can be short and simple, too. Or they can be long and detailed. There is no prescribed format.

We can tell our stories in whatever way we feel will touch the hearts of the readers.

So if you can’t think of what to write, I challenge you to take a couple of moments to do so. You might do so after studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, or doing the exercises.

For me, it took just a couple of quiet moments, and ideas began to bubble to the surface of my mind. I didn’t have to force it. It just happened. I was amazed at what came of it. I’m sure the ideas didn’t all come from me. I just needed to give them an opportunity to be presented and a period of quiet reflection to grasp them.

Our Vows

We all came here for a reason. We’ve waited countless lifetimes for this opportunity. We have accumulated boundless virtue, and Teacher has suffered immeasurable bitterness–all to afford us the opportunity to assist in Fa-rectification.

Our stories are powerful. Our words and deeds bear witness to the glory of Dafa. They truly are worth sharing and celebrating on the grand occasion of World Falun Dafa Day.

We just have to write them down.

I am filled with gratitude toward Teacher and to all those who have helped me come to this understanding. I sincerely hope you will join me to share your cultivation stories with the people of the world!

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