(Minghui.org) A grand march was held in Hong Kong to support the 300 million Chinese people who have renounced their membership of the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. I felt I should participate.

I heard other practitioners' experience sharing about interference they had faced while entering Hong Kong for big events: some had visas but were checked in a small room when passing through customs, some were repatriated.

I kept sending righteous thoughts, since I had decided to fly to Hong Kong and would enter through customs. I felt relieved when I passed through customs without incident. However, a fellow practitioner noticed that I did not have a small piece of paper from the customs officer. I returned to ask for the paper and was told it was not important.

I then joined other practitioners to take a bus to the gathering point for the march. The march lasted about four hours. I held a large banner with seven other practitioners. I was touched to see an elderly practitioner holding the banner tightly.

My test came when I was leaving Hong Kong.

I was not allowed to pass through customs, as I did not have that small piece of paper. Without the paper, there was no record of my entry in the computer. The staff found it difficult to deal with a departure without any entry information. I was taken into a small room.

I was delayed for half an hour. An officer dealt with me sternly, as if I had not entered following the normal procedures.

I knew a fellow practitioner was sending forth righteous thoughts for me. She had witnessed my entry through customs. I worried that there might be flag on record. “Will this affect my future trips to Hong Kong?” I wondered. I was in low spirits.

The customs officer realized that his colleague had been negligent by not giving me the small piece of paper that inidicated I was cleared, because the colleague had been talking to other people. He reissued the slip of paper and let me through customs to board the plane. I sat down and thought it over.

Master said,

“In cultivation, everything you experience is a good thing,” (“Teaching the Fa at the Eastern U.S. Fa Conference”)

I thought, “I must think like a practitioner. If they had really recorded this incident it would affect my next trip to Hong Kong. I must not have met the requirements of the Fa at this level in some regard. This interference occurred because I have shortcomings.”

Master said,

“Since we’re practicing a righteous way, a great way, nothing can interfere with you. If our own minds aren’t solid, it’s a problem with our xinxing, and unusual situations will appear.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore”)

The fellow practitioner comforted me, “It was their negligence. It has nothing to do with you.”

“No,” I replied. “There are no coincidences. Why was it me, and not others, who did not receive the small piece of paper? This must be arranged for me to look within and raise my xinxing and level. I have had similar tests for the past 10 years. Sometimes I did well, and sometimes I overlooked it.”

“I have not truly improved myself in cultivation on this issue. This time, the Fa requires me to take it seriously. I must improve myself through today's test.”

It was such a good thing. Next time I will not worry about interference! I need to sincerely cultivate my thoughts. This is the right attitude of a practitioner when facing an issue.

My mind was suddenly clear when I thought about this on the airplane. All the worries in my mind were completely gone. I felt totally refreshed! Thank you, Master!

I know how to pass a test. From now on, I won't allow a test to last for 10 years. I have recognized the incorrect thoughts in myself and corrected them.