(Minghui.org) I burn incense in front of Master's portrait every day, and each day I see Master smile at me with compassion in the portrait.

However, for a few days when I burned incense and did heshi to Master, I saw that Master had tears running from his eyes to the corners of his lips. His smile had disappeared. Master looked at me seriously and with some sadness.

I was shocked and cried loudly. I knelt down and said to Master, “Master, you have taken a lot of burden on for us, and you have worried about us. It must be that I have not done well, so you are sad. I let you down. Master, I will definitely do better. I will cultivate more diligently. Please do not worry, Master.”

I knelt down in front of the portrait for a long time, and cried.

The following day, I was hoping that Master would smile at me again. But when I burned incense, I saw that Master again had tears. He still looked serious and sad.

I knelt down and cried again. I felt very sad, and said to Master, “Master, don't worry. No matter how long the journey is, I will do better and not betray your salvation.”

I cried all day, feeling sad because of Master's sad feelings and because of my attachments.

I saw tears on Master's face every day for over two weeks. I felt guilty and cried every day. I will never forget that period of time.

Master's portrait later changed back to what it was like before. The tears disappeared, and his sad-looking expression became a compassionate smile again.

However, the impact on my soul didn't go away. I could not eat or sleep well. Other practitioners had also seen tears on Master's portrait, so we shared our understandings. I would like to share my understandings with all practitioners.

As a Dafa disciple, everyone of us should ask ourselves, “Why did Master have tears? For whom did he have tears?”

We all know the answer.

Master had tears for the sentient beings who will be destroyed in the Fa-rectification if they don't position themselves correctly.

Master also had tears for practitioners who have slacked off in their cultivation. The end of Fa-rectification is approaching. When that day comes, all the evil, as well as the unsaved sentient beings and high-level beings who came down from countless celestial bodies to earth to obtain the Fa will be weeded out.

Master has addressed these issues numerous times during the past 20 years. As Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, where do we come from, where are we going, and what are our tasks? If we had saved our sentient beings and cultivated ourselves well–which would lead to consummation with a righteous fruition–Master would not have had tears.

Since Master publicized Dafa in 1992, he has changed the fates of many cosmic events, such as the ending of the human world in 1999. Master has endured the karma of the entire human race. By enduring the enormous karma that no other high-level enlightened being is able to endure, Master has postponed the end of Fa-rectification again and again. The time that Master has extended is for all disciples to save people and cultivate themselves.

Master has pointed out numerous times that Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period were all kings and lords from high-level celestial bodies. To obtain the Fa in the human world and save our sentient beings, we have endured all kinds of difficulties and tests and entered the “Three Realms.” After countless reincarnations, we have finally obtained the Fa.

To save us, Master does not count all the mistakes that we and other sentient beings have made in history. Again and again, Master has given us chances, time, and environments to correct ourselves and cultivate to consummation.

Facing such a compassionate Master and such an immensely great Fa, how can we not do well? How long will we make Master wait for us? The Fa-rectification has a time limit. When that day comes, we will have all be the fruits or the consequences of what we are doing now.

No matter how much time we have, we should all do well from now on, cherish this extremely precious chance, save more people, and cultivate ourselves. Only by doing so, Master will be happy for us.