(Minghui.org) My son contracted pneumonia at a very young age which later developed into tuberculosis. His poor health also made him particularly susceptible to contagious diseases. Because of that, besides his tuberculosis antibiotics, my son’s daily medication regimen also included many anti-inflammatory and flu medications. Our poor financial situation, coupled with years of drought and high taxes, made life extremely difficult for our family. What little we earned went into paying our son’s medical fees.

My son required frequent infusions and injections. His doctor became our most frequent visitor, and, as my son’s condition worsened, his doctor was forced to administer stronger and stronger antibiotics. Besides enduring side effects from his medication, like severe nausea, my son was forced to endure the pain of multiple injections in his hands, feet, and buttocks.

Because of our son’s poor health, my wife and I lived in a state of constant anxiety. One morning, while working outside in the fields, my wife and I heard my son coughing. Suspecting something amiss, we rushed back and found him almost unable to breath. Panicking, we rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with acute laryngitis and a severe throat inflammation that had blocked his airway. My son was saved, but his doctors informed us that it had been a close call. If we had sought help any later, my son would have died.

Doctors warned us that medical treatment could only delay the progression of the disease and there was no cure for my son’s illness. Over time, my wife and I sank into a state of depression, agonizing over our inability to alleviate our son’s suffering.

Dafa Healed My Son

In the autumn of 1997, our entire family had the good fortune to learn Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa). The book Zhuan Falun answered our questions behind the meaning of life and changed our outlook for the better.

From then on, we sought to adhere to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our everyday lives and learned to search inwards for our own failings. Soon after obtaining Dafa, my wife and I discovered that our son’s illness had been miraculously cured, while our various small ailments had vanished. My spirits were substantially lifted and I felt like the most fortunate person in the entire world!

My father suffered from chronic tuberculosis and was forced to stop working when he was in his 50s. My parents then learned about the health-restoring environment in a region in Inner Mongolia and moved there in hopes of improving my father’s condition. However, my father’s health did not improve.

Seeing the benefits our family had reaped from practicing Dafa, my parents moved back and started learning Falun Gong with us. Soon after, my father’s tuberculosis was cured!

Falun Dafa saved my son, my father, and our entire family without asking for a single cent. We have no words to express our gratitude to Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) and Dafa.

Witness to Master's Compassionate Care

After completing our autumn harvest, I went to work at a private gold mine. The mine was more than 50 meters underground, accessible through an electric winch. In addition, a huge iron ladder was affixed to the side of the well, to provide access in cases of power outages or mechanical breakdowns.

One particular day, unbeknownst to anyone, a section of the heavy iron ladder had collapsed, blocking a section about three or four meters away from the mine opening. After completing my work, I stepped on the electric winch platform and made my way up. Suddenly the electric winch stopped midway. I craned my head upward to investigate and got a shock when I saw the blockage just centimeters above my head. Gathering my wits, I shouted for help and managed to climb between the small gaps in the fallen ladder to reach the exit.

After the incident, my colleagues told me that they had stopped the winch because they heard sounds coming from the bottom of the mine. I was initially puzzled as I had been alone that time and had not uttered a single word. However, I soon realized that Master Li was the one who protected me and saved my life.

Another memorable incident occurred in the winter of 1998, soon after I purchased a flock of goats. That morning, while helping my elderly neighbor to move his stone trough, I sprained my back rather badly. Realizing that I would have difficulty herding my goats, my elderly neighbor fretted over my condition and tried to help me. After recalling Master Li’s teachings, I was determined not to trouble the elderly man. I turned down his offer of assistance and placed my trust in the power of Dafa.

With great difficulty, I slowly herded my goats up the hill and back. That evening I practiced the sitting meditation exercises and performed the remaining sets of exercises in the morning and evening of the following day. By the third day, my back was completely healed.

Recognition that “Falun Dafa is Good!”

Our fortunes have improved in recent years and our family has become moderately well off. We now have a sizable number of goats, for which we pay yearly government taxes. Because it is easy to conceal the actual number of goats, many villagers hide their goats in order to report lower numbers and evade taxes. However, I make sure to pay in accordance with the number of sheep actually raised.

Also each time I encounter a conflict, I first search inwards for my failings and try to treat everyone with compassion. As such, the villagers have a very good impression of Falun Gong and its practitioners.

Falun Gong saved my family and purified our bodies and minds. We strive to meet its requirements in the hopes that our actions will contribute to a better world!