(Minghui.org) My mother is 86 years old and has lived alone since my father passed away. She needs more care these days, so I've taken over looking after her. My older brother is in poor health, my younger brother works, and I'm a retiree, so it made sense for me to take this on.

I wanted my brothers to see how Falun Dafa has made me less selfish and focused on money, so I had decided not to accept my portion of the inheritance when Mom passes away.

However, before I told my brothers about this, I found out that they had hatched a plan to cut me out of the inheritance anyway. They also found excuses when it came to helping me look after our mom and always left it all to me.

I was at a loss. I'd wanted to show them how Falun Dafa has helped me be a better person, but they just plotted against me. How could everything have gone so wrong?

Master said:

“People have been contaminated by the strong torrent of the ordinary world and its huge dye vat, so a lot of the things that people think are right, in fact, turn out to be wrong. Doesn’t everybody want a happy life? Since they want a happy life, they might hurt other people, they might fuel their own selfishness, they might benefit at other people’s expense, and they might take advantage of other people or harm them.” (Zhuan Falun)

I gained a new understanding on the issue of inheritance after I memorized the above paragraph.

People's thoughts and behavior in today's society have been drifting further away from righteousness. If Dafa practitioners behave in a way that fuels ordinary people's selfishness, isn't this equivalent to accelerating the deterioration of morality? However, we Dafa practitioners have a responsibility to put, “A stop to its downward slide.” (“Illuminating All” from Hong Yin II)

If my brothers take the inheritance that belongs to me, they will have to pay for it with virtue. Virtue plays a critical role in a person's life. The reason they are my family members is so that they can learn about Dafa, not so that they can wrong me and give me virtue.

The old forces can manipulate our family members to play the role of persecutors: psychologically, financially and physically. The old forces will later use this as an excuse to destroy these people.

My heart is heavy when I think about this inheritance issue. My brothers played a positive role when I obtained the Fa and helped to expose the persecution of Dafa practitioners.

I'm going to see their behavior as a wake up call for me to look within and get rid of my attachments. I will correct my view of our relationship and try to help them regain a positive attitude toward Dafa.