(Minghui.org) I frequently had fevers and colds from when I was little until I graduated from high school. Strangely, whenever I had a fever, I had the same dream. I dreamed that an infinite and boundless universe was rotating. Every planet was moving. The whole universe was in darkness, and it was complex and too enormous to be understood.

When I was five years old, I asked my mother: “What is the purpose of life?” She didn't know the answer. When I was 20, I asked a college professor the same question. He replied, “This is a question for a philosopher. You are a medical student. It is enough for you to focus on your medical studies.”

When I was nearly 40 years old, I asked a spiritual seeker the same question. He said: “I have been searching for the answer to this question at home and abroad. My answer is that there is no meaning of life; we live to add meaning to life.”

The first time I held Zhuan Falun, I saw the three Chinese characters of Master's Li’s name and was greatly moved. My first thought was that I am finally seeing these three characters, and my second thought was that I am still seeing these three characters! I was grateful to read the name of the founder of Falun Dafa.

After I read Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books, I finally understood the purpose of life: To obtain the universe's Dafa (Great Law), and to cultivate and return to our true home. I am now 50 years old, and I have practiced Falun Dafa for 11 years.

My Mother-in-Law Renounced the Communist Youth League

In the past, I had extramarital affairs, which deeply hurt my husband and my mother-in-law. I was a conceited person and was afraid to endure hardship. Our marriage ended in divorce. After practicing Falun Dafa, I realized how much I owed others.

Master said,

“One’s Buddha-nature is Shan, and it manifests itself as compassion, thinking of others before acting, and the ability to endure suffering.” (“Buddha-Nature and Demon-Nature” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

I started to pay attention to my former mother-in-law. During the holidays, I visited her and gave her some money. One time, I noticed that her rice cooker was damaged and her socks were torn. The next day, I brought her a new rice cooker and a few pairs of new socks, but she was not at home. I left them at her neighbor's home.

Later my mother-in-law called me and thanked me. I said, “No need to thank me. I am no longer your daughter-in-law; now I am your daughter. I was immature before and didn't treat you with filial respect. Now I practice Falun Dafa. Our Master teaches me to be a good person. I understand that I should look after you. I won't get married again. I will take care of you from now on.”

The next time I visited her, she renounced the Communist Youth League that she had been in when she was young. She saw how much I had changed since cultivating Dafa. During the time I was illegally detained, the police asked her about me, and she told them that I had treated her well.

My Boss Supported My Practicing Falun Dafa

I am a mid-level manager at my workplace. Since practicing Falun Dafa, I learned that I should cultivate myself at work and in daily life.

Master said,

“Qigong practice requires one to value virtues, do good deeds, and be kind. One should conduct oneself this way in everything and under all circumstances.” (“Lecture Three” in Zhuan Falun)

I often had lunch with one coworker who reported to me, and I paid for her lunch each time. She asked me why I paid for her lunch. I told her that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and our Master teaches us to think of others first. I was hoping she would do the same when she gets into a management position, which would have a positive impact on the company's culture. A company's culture is the core of the company, and it helps the business to survive.

She agreed with me and said it would be nice if her mother was like me. I gave her a flash drive that contained the Falun Dafa books and asked her to give the drive to her mother.

One time I had a business meal with a contractor. The contractor wanted to pay for the meal. I told him that per our company's policy, I should pay for our meals. He expressed that my stance was ethical and let me pay the bill.

My coworkers knew I was a practitioner. My boss said he supported my practicing Falun Dafa.

Obtained Dafa and Gained Blessings

In my second year of cultivation, my good friend’s mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She went to see a famous expert at a cancer hospital who told her that the cancer was in the late stage and asked her to go home. My friend was astonished and teary after hearing what the doctor said.

The whole family returned to the hotel where they were staying. I said, “She can practice Falun Dafa.”

The eldest son-in-law replied “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will arrest her.”

However, the eldest daughter said, “My mother is like this. What could be worse? Let her practice Falun Gong and see if that helps.” The elderly woman's husband said, “Falun Gong is good. The malevolent CCP persecutes Falun Gong. I also want to learn Falun Gong. If your mother has trouble remembering the exercise movements, I will help her.”

Therefore, the whole family started watching Master's exercise demonstration video. The elderly woman also listened to the audio recordings of Master teaching the Fa in Guangzhou. The whole family quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

The elderly woman returned home. She learned the exercises from the demonstration video, and she listened to the audio lectures every day. Three years later, she went to a hospital for an examination, and the cancer had disappeared. The doctors there couldn’t understand how a late-stage cancer patient could recover completely!

Thank you, Master! Thank you for Dafa's infinite grace.