(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa toward the end of 2012 and would like to share some of my experiences here.

I Survived a Car Accident

Shortly after I began practicing Dafa, a car hit me as I was walking along the roadside in the rain. I found myself lying on the side of the road after hitting my head on the cement pier of a bridge. The road was flooded with dirty water. My ear was submerged, but the water did not enter my ear canal.

The driver came over to help me up. The moment I stood, my first thought was of Master Li Hongzhi's Fa teaching: “Good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought.” (Lecture Four in Zhuan Falun). I knew everything would be all right if I regarded myself as a practitioner. My head and the right side of my body hurt, so I let the driver check my head. He was frightened and said, “You were knocked out.”

I knew I was going to be all right and decided to go home. The driver asked me to get checked out at the hospital. I hesitated for a second. Because of my hesitation, because of this gap in my righteous thoughts, I believe, the flood water entered my ear canal. It hurt a lot.

I called my mother who is also a practitioner. She asked me to go home right away. We were planning to attend a banquet that day. I changed my clothes and went to the banquet. I called the driver before going to let him know that I was O.K. He wanted to buy me some medication, but I politely declined.

I felt uncomfortable and spat out some black sputum during the week. Afterward, I felt relief. Master removed the dirty water in my ear. If I had not hesitated a little bit that day, I believe that I would not have had that problem. I believe that I did not incur a brain injury because I did not share the driver's concern.

Passing the Hurdle of Sickness Karma

In March 2013, I experienced extreme thought karma. I studied the Fa a lot which helped to weaken the bad thoughts. In order to have an adequate amount of time for Fa study and doing the exercises, I chose to temporarily resign from my job.

Every day I went out to clarify the truth, study the Fa, and do the exercises with my mother and other practitioners. It was a good cultivation environment.

But I started to experience severe sickness karma, and my health deteriorated. My left leg and foot felt numb and heavy. I felt severe pain while walking. Pus began to ooze out from my foot, and the surrounding area became swollen and purplish black. My tendon was soon visibly exposed through the wound. Sometimes I had difficulty doing the second exercise, and I could only sit in half lotus while meditating.

My relatives repeatedly asked me to go to a hospital, but I firmly believed that only Master Li could save me. I continued studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, sending righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth. My foot improved, and I tried to do the sitting meditation for several days. Miraculously, the wound healed, and the exposed tendons healed over as well!

Nine months later, my health significantly improved. New tendons developed in my foot. I came to the realization that when the toxic pus from my foot discharged, the tendons were damaged. Master helped purify my body from deeper levels and recreated a new me! Words can’t describe the depth of Master's benevolence. The tendons on my right foot were damaged but I could still walk!

Overwhelmed With Gratitude

Going out to tell people the truth about the persecution of Dafa also helped me to overcome my severe test of sickness karma. I started sending righteous thoughts while fellow practitioners clarified the truth and recorded the names of Chinese Communist Party membership withdrawals.

From the Fa teachings, I know that Master's law bodies (fashen) stand behind every practitioner. If practitioners work together, they can generate a large, righteous energy field. This will, in turn, strengthen our righteous thoughts and our ability to do the three things well.

From the beginning of my cultivation, fellow practitioners constantly helped me out. They encouraged me to come out and help save people, helped me install new software, and printed truth-clarification letters for me to mail out. Whenever I reached a new level in my realm of cultivation, Master arranged a practitioner to help me out.

Thank you, Master, for your gracious arrangement. Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your selfless assistance.

Master said:

“Dafa disciples are one bodyFollowing Master in Fa-rectification,working against sinister tides”(“Following Master” in Hong Yin III)

The strength of one person may not be that great, but the strength of practitioners together is immense. Hopefully, practitioners in every region will cooperate with each other to form one body.