(Minghui.org) I am a 70-year-old woman from a rural area in Liaoning Province. I live with my 38-year-old disabled son, who has had epileptosis (epilepsy with psychotic symptoms) since he was a child. He cannot work in the fields and he has had very little education. I have to keep him near me at all times, in case he has seizures. He is my only child, and life has been very hard for him.

To help him make a living, I borrowed money and bought him an electric motorcycle so that he could earn some money by driving people around. I had to go with him most of the time in case he had a seizure.

My son drove out on his own on October 2, 2015, because I was busy with something else. He was involved in an accident at around 8:00 a.m. and had run into another electric motorcycle. I rushed to the scene to find two men in their 80s who were badly injured and had passed out.

I called the police, and with the help of others we took the injured men to the central hospital in the city. One of them had a comminuted fracture and the other had a stroke.

The wife of the man who had the stroke came with another lady. As soon as they arrived, they started shouting, “Falun Dafa is good!” To my great surprise, both men regained consciousness almost immediately. As it turned out, they were all Falun Gong practitioners.

The wife came over to comfort me. She said, “Our master will save him, and I have money with me. Don’t worry.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. How could she be so nice! She didn’t blame us and even brought her own money to pay the bill! They just shouted “Falun Dafa is good” a couple of times and the men woke up!

As soon as her husband regained consciousness, he said he wanted to go home. The nurses at first refused to let him go because of his serious injuries, but later agreed after the doctors learned that he was 84 years old. They were not confident that they could do him much good. The other man went home the next day.

My son and I were worried about the man with the stroke, so we followed him home. He said to us, “I practice Falun Gong. Don’t worry about me.” He then asked us if we had ever joined the Chinese Communist Party or its youth organizations, and encouraged us to quit if we had. They couple asked us to remember the phrases, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” In the end, they said, “Don’t worry about us. You can go home now, but be more careful in the future. We won’t bother you and you don’t need to come visit us anymore.”

The next day my son, his uncle, and I went to see him again and asked if there was anything we could do to help. The couple again told us not to worry, and that they would not cause us any trouble and would take care of themselves.

I was moved to tears, thinking, “Falun Gong is so good. What would I do if I had to pay their hospital bills? Where would I ever get the money?”

The traffic police decided to settle the case on October 13, and my son and I went over, not knowing what to expect. Some people had told us that it was even worse that the old men were not treated in the hospital, because they could demand more cash down the road.

To our great surprise, members of both families said that my son did not hit the motorcycle on purpose and asked the police not to punish him. They said the old men told them to tell the police that they were both Falun Gong practitioners and would bear the cost themselves and would not cause my son any trouble.

The traffic officers were stunned to hear that, and said, “We’ve never seen anything like this. The injured men are so old and so badly hurt, and yet they asked us not punish the person responsible for the accident. They said that they would take full responsibility for themselves. It’s incredible for such a case to be settled like this. Falun Gong practitioners are amazing!”

When I told my friends and neighbors about it, everyone found it hard to believe and kept saying, “It’s unbelievable!”

The men have now both recovered from their injuries without going to the hospital or taking any medication. From this unusual accident, I truly believe that Falun Dafa is good and truly a miraculous practice.

My son’s uncle has since quit the CCP, and I have also quit the Youth League. Our relatives and neighbors have all done the same.

My whole family now remembers the phrases, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” My son recites these words in his heart every day and he has not had a seizure for more than six months! He's said to me several times, “Let’s practice Falun Gong, too.”