(Minghui.org) We have an orchard of plum trees. My husband bought some pesticide before he went to do some odd jobs out of town. He told me to remember to apply it to the trees when they were about to bloom and to water the trees often.

One day I saw the orchard was really dry so I decided to water the trees. Just before I started, we had a good rain. I realized that I should let go of my attachment to the orchard and focus on how to save more people.

When it was time to apply pesticide, I decided not to do so because pesticide is not good for people. I went to the orchard and said to the plum trees, “You have come to my family and, even though not as human beings, you have established an affinity with Dafa. I hope you will remember ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and choose a bright future for yourselves.”

I did not pay much attention to the orchard afterward but put a lot of effort into clarifying the truth and telling people about Falun Dafa. I went to the orchard occasionally and found the trees were growing very well with ample fruit.

One day I found two trees infected with trichomonas, so I said to the trees, “Stop attracting insects and breeding trichomonas.” A few days later I went to check the trees and all trichomonas disappeared.

The weather turned very dry when the plums were about the size of eggs. I thought I should water the trees, otherwise the plums would start to shrivel and would not sell well.

Just as I was about to water the trees, clouds started to gather. After I watered only six or seven trees, a big thunderstorm came with heavy rain. I knew in my heart that as long as we keep our hearts on the Fa, Master will help us.

My husband was still not back when it was almost time for harvest season. I got a bit anxious, especially when I heard a neighbor telling others that our plums had insects and would not sell well because I did not use pesticide. Then I thought: I will listen to what Master has told us and not be consumed with loss and gain.

Soon my husband came home to handle the sale of the plums. He was really happy to see the big juicy plums on the trees.

When vendors came and tried our plums, they all commented favorably. “Your plums are nice and big and very tasty.” One of the vendors said, “I’ll take all your plums and I will give you a very good price.”

It took only six days to sell all our plums at a very good price.

The neighbor who made negative comments about our plums earlier also changed his views. He said to others, “Look at that family. They did not use pesticide or water their trees, but their plums did not attract insects and are delicious. Their plums sold so quickly. I applied pesticide a number of times, but our trees still attracted insects…”

A practitioner heard this and said, “This is because she practices Falun Dafa.” Everyone present nodded in agreement.