(Minghui.org) A practitioner I know recently went to Hong Kong on vacation. When she returned, she described what she saw: On one side of the road are practitioners standing quietly, either giving out information about Falun Gong or clarifying the facts. On the other side of the road is a pro-communist group holding a distorted picture of Master Li and broadcasting defamatory propaganda.

I was surprised to hear that and said, “Why are practitioners in Hong Kong so timid? Why don't they eliminate the evil and send forth righteous thoughts intensely so that the thugs incur retribution and stay away? This has gone on for so many years already.”

When discussing this further with the practitioner, however, I knew I was wrong. Due to the influence of Party culture, I lacked compassion and only thought about revenge. This is very different from what Hong Kong practitioners thought and their xinxing levels.

I remembered that Master has mentioned Hong Kong practitioners many times and said they had done well. How could I have forgotten Master's words? Instead, I was thinking: “There is no systematic persecution in Hong Kong—it's just thugs stirring things up. If I was there, I would have taken care of it already.” When I looked within, I found the attachments to conflict and my own ego. At least Hong Kong practitioners do not have these negative elements. The fact that they're able to remain calm to save people in such an environment reflects their level.

In my understanding, the evil is afraid of compassion, not evilness.

Master said:

“Buddhas are kind, for sure. But that compassion is a manifestation of the great power of Buddha Fa. No matter how bad a person may be or how wicked something may be, things as strong as iron and steel will melt before the mighty power and compassion of Buddha Fa. That’s why demons are scared when they see it—they are really afraid. They will melt away and vanish. This is absolutely different from what man imagines.” (Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference)

What she saw in Hong Kong is only a manifestation in this dimension, while it could be much more complicated in other dimensions. Just like in mainland China, all these difficulties require practitioners to handle them while making breakthroughs. In such an environment, practitioners in Hong Kong could clarify the truth and save people, as well as improve themselves through the process. Master has told us that the Fa-rectification will succeed and we just have to get there.

Hong Kong is a special place, and many Chinese can learn the facts of Falun Gong there. But some tour guides often discourage tourists, saying the flyers and such could be checked and confiscated at customs. Some people were intimidated and did not dare to take anything.

This situation also existed among practitioners: When on vacation in Hong Kong, some Mainland practitioners did not interact with practitioners in Hong Kong, while others talked with practitioners and even participated in parades.

Here are two examples that compassion is something we need, not the attachment to conflict:

After one practitioner was taken to a police station, he began to clarify the truth to an officer, who said, “Stop that! If you dare to say anything like that again, you won't be able to go home today.” By looking within, this practitioner realized that he didn't sound calm or composed. He changed his demeanor and explained to the officer how his life changed because of Falun Gong and everyone in his workplace knew that. The officer later let him go and said, “I respect people like you.”

Another practitioner went to a police department to clarify the truth. An officer threatened her, saying, “Do you know I could arrest you based on what you just said?” The practitioner replied, “I know, but I also believe you won't do that.” The officer asked why and the practitioner answered, “Because I know you are not a bad person. To help a kind-hearted person like you, I chose to come here.” The officer was moved and his attitude changed.

The more compassionate we are and the better we follow the Fa, the easier it will be to save people.