(Minghui.org) After Master’s Hong Yin IV was published on the internet, I immediately read it twice.

Questions I still held about cultivation were all resolved, and I finally understood many cultivation standards and why we come to this world. I felt honored to be a Dafa disciple and truly sensed Master’s boundless compassion.

To further understand the Fa principles and quickly improve in cultivation, I decided to memorize it.

The Difficulties and Joys of Committing Hong Yin IV to Memory

It took me eight months to recite the whole book the first time in 2016. After I memorized the first 50 poems, I would recite all of them every day for a period of time.

Then I would memorize 10 more poems, recite them, and then memorize the next 10. I did this until I'd memorized the entire book. I could not understand why it was more difficult for me to memorize Hong Yin IV than the first three books.

While memorizing one of the poems, I came to realize that, behind the words, there was a vast time-space and boundless Fa implications, which meant that the human brain couldn't understand all of them right away.

One has to understand the Fa principles in one’s realm, truly absorb each word while understanding its surface meaning, and carefully think it through to be able to memorize and recite each poem. Although it may be hard, as long as we have the desire to memorize the Fa, Master will strengthen our will.

I felt Master strengthening and encouraging me that entire time. When I was able to let go of an attachment, I could memorize a long poem and felt more confident. Sometimes I memorized a poem so quickly that it felt as if Gods were helping me.

The Implication of Memorizing and Reciting

A dream made me remember my distant pledge and woke up my true thoughts: “I shall firmly cultivate with full confidence and follow Master. I must strive forward on my cultivation path.”

I had to constantly remind myself to not slack off or relax. I had to fulfill my vow to make that dream a reality.

Each time I recited one of the poems, I sensed how much Master sacrificed for his disciples and sentient beings:

“Mid-autumn moon hangs high since ancient timesOn the day when the moon is full, a chill fills my heartDafa disciples are suffering—who’d watch the moonThe moon is full in vain every mid-autumn day”(“For Whom is the Moon Full” from Hong Yin IV)

We may never know what Master meant when he said, “the wide and far-reaching Buddha's grace” (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Lantern Festival) All I can do is to follow Master’s words, harmonize with what Master needs, and be more diligent in cultivation.

Getting Withheld Salary Back

When I began to memorize Hong Yin IV, I also filed a criminal complaint against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. As a result, my salary was withheld.

Although I had to spend a lot of time and effort to get my salary back, it did not affect my memorization. On the contrary, reciting the Fa increased my confidence and helped me eliminate the attachment to fear.

When I talked to a supervisor at the Education Bureau, he said that I had to speak to a certain director of the personnel bureau to resolve the issue. I replied, “No problem.” He was surprised that I was so calm and remarked on how I was not afraid at all.

I knew I owed my confidence and fearlessness to Master and Dafa. Without cultivating, where would I have acquired such abilities?

While memorizing the poems in Hong Yin IV, my mind has elevated, my xinxing has improved, and I have been able to do the three things well.