(Minghui.org) My husband and I have three daughters and a son. To pay for their boarding school, we worked day and night on our tree farm. By the time they went to college and began their careers, my health had greatly deteriorated.

One day in 1997, I saw my mother-in-law doing the Falun Gong exercises when I was on my way to see a doctor. I decided to exercise and study the Falun Gong teachings with her. A few days later, all my ailments disappeared! I was perfectly healthy and in awe of this amazing practice.

My husband and I decided to retire and started an exercise group on our farm. We organized local practitioners to come to our farm to exercise in the morning and study the teachings at night. We followed the Fa principles and told others about the benefits of the practice.

It was a wonderful time and we were so grateful to Master Li Hongzhi for sharing this practice with the world.

Powerful Practice

One day I went up to the mountain and was stung by a hornet. This would normally cause a person a great deal of suffering for many days, but I was fine after a day’s rest. Another time I spilled boiling water on my feet and was badly scalded. Without any medicine, I recovered in a few days. I believe it was the power of Falun Gong.

One summer day I was hit by a scooter when I was on my bike. I was in my 70s and couldn’t get up right away. I told myself that I would be fine because I was a practitioner. I tried to get up even though I felt dizzy and out of balance.

The young man who hit me wanted to take me to a hospital. I told him that I practice Falun Gong and would be fine and that he could leave. He offered me money, but I didn’t take it. After I got home, my children were terrified by my appearance: my face was bruised and so badly swollen that my eyes were barely open. They wanted to find the young man and make him pay for me to go to the hospital, but I stopped them. Three days later, I totally recovered. My children were amazed.

All my children support Falun Gong and I'm proud of them for standing up against the persecution. Each of them have been successful at their jobs and their supervisors wanted to promote them and thus asked them to join the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They declined and explained that it was because their parents practice Falun Gong, which is unjustly persecuted by the CCP.

My husband and I are still enjoying great health and happiness. Our family wishes to thank Master Li!