(Minghui.org) I started to memorize the Fa in June 2017. So far I have memorized up to Chapter Five in Zhuan Falun and recited it for the third time.

Memorizing the Fa helps me to see its importance and benefits my cultivation. I can only marvel at what this has meant to me, unable to find the right words to describe the feeling. Here are a few thoughts I've had and what I've enlightened to during this process.

Rectifying myself

As I memorized this sentence in the book, “Then, what will happen later? Although in the course of cultivation…” (Zhuan Falun), the word “course” stood out clearly to me. My heart was touched, and I understood, at my level, that, whatever happens to me—big or small, from the beginning to the end of my cultivation and every aspect of it—it is a process for me to genuinely cultivate.

I understand that the results of everything I do are a manifestation of my cultivation in this world. Whatever the results, genuinely cultivating myself is what matters the most. If I can cultivate well, the consequences will always be positive.

I went out to post signs with Falun Dafa information. I had just put up a sign on a crossroads bridge and was about to go down some stairs, when I felt a pain in my right leg so sharp that I almost fell down the stairs.

Many people were crossing the street at the time, so I managed to make it to the other side despite the excruciating pain. My husband, a non-practitioner, asked me what was wrong.

“I might have sprained my ankle,” I said. It came on so suddenly that I did not think to give a better explanation. My leg continued to weaken; I could not straighten it. Once I lifted it, and it just floated up.

I did not know what to do. I asked my husband to walk ahead of me so that he would not see my leg. Fortunately I remembered clearly to use my righteous thoughts to tell my right leg that, being a Dafa practitioner, my body, including all the cells and living organisms inside my body, was made of substances of high-level energy.

In Zhuan Falun Teacher talks about “Transcending the Five Elements and Three Realms,” so my body could rectify everything that was not righteous. I told my leg to rectify itself right away since I had not finished my task for the day. At that very instant, I was able to raise my right leg and move it again, although it still did not have its full strength.

I recited another quote from the Fa: “With such an enormous Fa here, the Fa will be with you when your thoughts are righteous, and this is the greatest assurance.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan”)

I kept walking and putting up more signs, not thinking about my leg. Gradually I noticed that it was fine again.

I went home about an hour later and found out that the two cell phones with recorded messages to make voice calls had helped five people quit the Chinese Communist Party and its associated organizations while I was gone. I thank Teacher for protecting me and encouraging me to be more diligent.

The Term “Old Forces” Does Not Exist in My Mind

I memorize the Fa respectfully and recite every sentence and paragraph with sincerity. Teacher’s Fa is unveiled to me layer by layer and is deeply ingrained in my heart. My body and soul are genuinely at one with the Fa.

“My fashen know everything—they know everything on your mind, and they can do anything. If you do not cultivate, they will not take care of you. If you do cultivate, they will help you all the way to the end.” (Zhuan Falun)

From reciting this quote, I gained a deeper understanding that believing in Teacher and the Fa is the key to my cultivation. No matter what happens to me, I simply need to search for what I did that was not in line with the Fa to rectify myself.

I never think about the old forces' persecution because Teacher does not accept any of the old forces’ arrangement, nor does Teacher acknowledge the old forces’ presence at all.

They dare to hinder and interfere with Teacher’s Fa-rectification, so they will be forever purged. The old forces do not have the credentials to test Dafa practitioners. I do not have the concept of “old forces” in my mind at all because Teacher has arranged everything for us and our paths are determined by Teacher.

We are playing the major role in this historical drama, and we should all position ourselves well regardless of the circumstances. Our relationship with sentient beings is that of saving and being saved and by no means should it be persecuting and being persecuted. We should cultivate and live in this world with dignity and pride.

The purpose of memorizing the Fa is not simply to memorize the Fa but to measure my cultivation status based on the requirements of the Fa and to use the Fa as my guide for my cultivation so that I can genuinely assimilate to Dafa.

Passing a Test

My mother-in-law was turning 80 and my husband called his two siblings to discuss a plan to celebrate her birthday. None of his siblings sounded very sure about his suggestion, nor did they give him any clear response as to whether or not they would participate.

After his last phone conversation with them, my husband told me that we should host the event and pay for everything. I understood that, being the eldest son, he wanted to show his family and friends that he was a good son, so I supported his decision without hesitation.

His siblings were happy to accept our plan, and my mother-in-law was delighted to hear it. At the birthday banquet, she made some comments to me that were very upsetting. Although I did not say anything to her right then, I felt resentful after we returned home.

For several days in a row, my mind was preoccupied with those negative thoughts. I could not calm down, let alone memorize the Fa. After a while, I came across a few articles by practitioners that directly targeted my heart. Every single one of those articles deeply touched me.

The practitioners’ genuine cultivation enabled them to gain compassion, forbearance, honesty, and selflessness. From them, I could see my shortcomings and also my attachments of competition and hatred. I found out that I held grudges and even despised my husband’s siblings.

My husband had been very supportive of my cultivation in Dafa despite the unfavorable political environment in China, and he also supported me in doing Dafa projects. Although I agreed to host the event and pay the entire bill, I had hidden a thought: “I wanted to prove to him and his family that I was not attached to money or financial gain.” I was not completely honest with them.

When these attachments were revealed to me, my heart lightened and my mind became peaceful once again. I knew that Teacher had helped removed many bad substances for me.

Thank you, Teacher, for your help!