(Minghui.org) I have always sensed that some fellow practitioners feel tired of persevering on the path of validating the Fa, especially recently. Many practitioners or project coordinators in Taiwan, mainland China and overseas mentioned they felt very tired and wanted to take a break. However, they don't realize that they might find it more difficult to get up again if they were to take a break.

We have followed Master to this world of illusion and experienced thousands of tribulations and suffered at different levels of the universe. It's been no easy journey. We need to remind, help, and treasure each other. The parts of us that have cultivated well have been separated from us. The parts that haven't cultivated well will certainly feel tired. I think that we Falun Dafa practitioners, no matter our role in any given Dafa project, all have the responsibility of helping Master establish a good cultivation environment and leading our group of fellow practitioners to cultivate solidly, make speedy progress, and do the three things well. It's definitely part of cultivation for practitioners in coordinator roles! It's also part of the cultivation for all fellow practitioners to safeguard this cultivation environment. Everyone involved in projects is a coordinator and should do well leading fellow practitioners. It's the only way we can live up to our fellow practitioners' trust and Master's entrustment, and head toward consummation.

Some practitioners listed many reasons for taking a break from their coordinating roles. Some said straightforwardly, “My time and capabilities are limited. My abilities fall short of my wishes.” I used to feel very worried and wanted to persuade them to stay, or I would ask other fellow practitioners to persuade them to stay. However, I forgot that anything I encounter is arranged by Master for me to cultivate.

Some practitioners have said, “They have probably run into a bottleneck in their cultivation, but couldn't break through. It shouldn't be like this.”

I'm a coordinator too and also felt tired sometimes, but every time I was about to indulge being tired, a strong thought would come to my mind: “I'm a coordinator, a leader in my team. What would others do if I say I'm tired?” I then alert myself at that moment that I absolutely can't feel tired even though others can. I wouldn't live up to Master's entrustment if I did.

There is a Chinese saying, “An incapable general will exhaust a thousand soldiers.” I personally feel I can't allow my slow pace in cultivation to affect the advancement of my whole team, or quit easily because of tiredness or a bottleneck in my cultivation. It would hinder what Master has painstakingly arranged for all disciples.

Master has told us,

“We have found that when a person is born, there are many of him born simultaneously within a certain scope of this cosmic space. They all look alike with the same name, and they do similar things. Therefore, they can also be called part of his whole entity. This involves such an issue, for if one of them (as in the case of other large animals’ lives) suddenly dies while the rest of him in other different dimensions have yet to complete their predestined life journeys and still have many years to live, this dead person will be in a homeless situation and drift about in the space of the universe. It was said in the past that lonesome spirits and homeless ghosts suffer from hunger, thirst, and other hardships. It might be this way. But we have indeed seen that this person ends up in a terrible situation, constantly waiting until every one of him in each dimension completes his life journey; only then can they move toward their final destiny together. The longer the wait, the more he suffers. The more he suffers, the more the karma created by his suffering will be added to the killer’s body. Think about it: How much more karma might you accumulate? This is what we have observed through supernormal abilities.”(Lecture 7, Zhuan Falun 2014)

I understand from the above passage of Fa that a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period must walk to the end of the path that Master has arranged for us in order to reach consummation. Master has systematically made arrangements for the whole Fa-rectification process. Cultivators shouldn't arbitrarily tamper with it or add tribulations to it. It's like fulfilling a vow we have signed with Master. It can't be altered.

Why am I the one who learned that some coordinators feel tired? I think Master has shown me others slowing down to alert me about my own slow pace and my need to catch up. Fellow practitioners are like mirrors that reflect my shortcomings. That's because I also had not-so-righteous thoughts flashing through my mind such as, “It would be nice to take a break!” or “It would be nice to do an easier truth-clarification project.”

At these moments, I only thought of my own hard work, but forgot that Master has worked much harder. I also forgot that Master, with his tremendous sacrifices, has extended the ending time for his disciples and sentient beings. We should make good use of the precious time to improve in our cultivation, truth clarification and shoulder our huge responsibilities.

The main body of Falun Dafa practitioners is in mainland China. Their situation is much more difficult and exhausting, especially for those imprisoned fellow practitioners! They spend every day in difficulty, painstakingly waiting for fellow practitioners who haven't cultivated well enough to meet the requirements of the Fa!

The shortcomings of fellow practitioners and myself indicate that our righteous thoughts aren't strong enough or pure enough. We haven't been able to “...rectify this abnormal state.” (Zhuan Falun), or manifest, “...the Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities.” (Zhuan Falun).

I must work harder and cultivate myself more diligently!