(Minghui.org) Mr. Liu Xianyong from Faku County, Shenyang City in Liaoning Province has been on a hunger strike since January 2, 2018 to protest the persecution he is experiencing at the hands of the local police and judicial officials. Mr. Liu has been targeted for his belief in Falun Gong, a spiritual practice being persecuted by the Chinese regime. His life is currently in danger. The Shenyang City Detention Center and the Faku County Detention Center have refused to accept Mr. Liu due to his critical condition. Yet he is being denied access to medical treatment, and when the Faku County Police Department sent Mr. Liu home, six police officers were posted inside his house, keeping him under 24-hour surveillance.

Zhang Cai, 87, and Zhang Yunxia, 82, went to visit Mr. Liu on January 22, 2018 but the police refused to allow them to enter his home. Officers from the Shenyang City Police Department kicked 87-year-old Zhang Cai and pushed the two out the door. Zhang Cai repeatedly asked the officer his name. However the policeman refused to give it, and instead gave his police ID: 11728.

A police vehicle parked outside Mr. Liu's building has been blocking traffic and monitoring anyone coming or going. The police also installed surveillance cameras near Mr. Liu's home and will only allow his closest relatives to take care of him. No one else is allowed to visit him.


On November 12, 2017, four Falun Gong practitioners including Mr. Liu Xianyong and Hu Lin were arrested by police officers led by Sijiazi Town Police Station chief Zhou Weiguang. A group of police brutally beat Mr. Liu at the police station twice. They dragged him to a corner away from the surveillance camera, and repeatedly struck his head and face, causing his nose and mouth to bleed. Mr. Hu Lin was also beaten and tortured by the police.

The Tuanjie Police Station in Faku County broke into Mr. Liu's home on November 13. They took his computer, cash and other personal belongings and refused to provide receipts for the items they removed.

Mr. Liu's family hired an attorney to sue the police for illegal confiscation and physical abuse. The attorney visited the Faku County Procuratorate, police department and other judicial departments. All the judicial departments denied responsibility and refused to investigate.

Mr. Liu has been on a hunger strike for a month and his life is in great danger. However, the Faku County Politics and Law Committee and 610 Office not only refused to send him to a hospital, but instead accelerated the process of charging Mr. Liu in court.

The illegal actions of the police were reported to the Police Violation Reporting Hotline, the Supreme Procuratorate Reporting Center (case number: A201801127c364245) and the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG). WOIPFG has issued an investigation notice.

Personnel participating in the persecution of Mr. Liu Xianyong:Zhou Weiguang (周伟光), chief, Sijiazi Police Station in Faku CountyLiao Guogang (廖国刚), head, domestic security team in Faku CountyYang Xuan'ang (杨轩昂), judge, Faku County Court

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