(Minghui.org) Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from practicing Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) since Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, introduced it to the public in 1992. Falun Dafa practitioners know that the practice has miraculous effects on curing illness, and even people who simply believe and sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is good” have received amazing benefits.

I will share a true story which I have witnessed in person.

A Miserable Life

A elderly man with a cane came into my clinic one day when I was taking a patient's blood pressure. He looked over 70 years old, and walked very slowly. From my experience, he seemed to have a problem of cerebellar atrophy.

He had been here before, but this time he looked worse. His home was only a few hundred meters away, but it took a huge effort for him to walk home. After he got his medicine and was about to leave, I decided to go with him as I worried that something might happen to him on the way home.

As we walked together, he told me that he has three sons, and all them were successful. But none of them wanted to look after him.

Upon arriving at his home, I saw lots of boxes of crackers on his bed. He told me that his sons didn't allow him to use the gas stove, in case he forgot to turn it off. And people from his local residential office also stopped by regularly to remind him not to use his stove for the safety of his neighbors.

I was very sad to hear this. I thought that his situation could change only if he received blessings from heaven. So I asked him to recite “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I told him that as long as he believed and sincerely repeated these words, he would be blessed.

I ordered a take out meal for him before I left, and he was quite moved.

Changed to Another Person in 20 Days

About 20 days later, a man came into our clinic. He sat in front of my chair and said, “Do you still remember me?” I looked at him for a while before realizing that he was the man I'd escorted home.

He looked ten years younger and his face was rosy. I was so happy to see him. I stood up and shook his hand. My colleague asked me, “Is he the one who came in a few weeks before? He doesn't look like the same man. He looks a lot younger. He has changed into another person.”

The elderly man kept thanking me. I said to him, “Don't thank me. It is my teacher Mr. Li Hongzhi who saved your live. So you should thank my teacher.” He then thanked my teacher.

He continued, “I have recited 'Falun Dafa is good' every day since you left. The more I recite the words, the stronger I feel. I am getting much better now.”

I also told him that quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would bring him a bright future. He said, “I will listen to you. Whatever you want me to quit, I would do it!”

He then quit the CCP.

I am very happy that he has chosen a bright future for himself.