(Minghui.org) Below are some situations faced by some practitioners and other people in our lives, as I have seen in other dimensions. This sharing is for reference only.

Sentient Beings Longing to Be Saved

I was a student back in 2004. When I went to the library to study one day, I brought some truth-clarification materials with me. I met a female classmate in the hallway. Suddenly, my third eye saw that she quickly knelt in front of me, begging to be saved. I gave her some materials. Without even glancing at me, she sat down and began reading. I still vividly remember how engrossed she was when reading them.

After I graduated in 2005, the Deputy Director of Civil Affairs was in charge of persecuting Falun Dafa in our area. Back then, I knew her quite well; however, our relationship turned sour over a disagreement. In order to clarify the truth, I intended to write her a letter using my real name.

I told a practitioner about my intention.

She said a few times, “The persecution is still very evil now. You don't have a good rapport with her, so it's better not to write anything.” In the end, I agreed not to write anything.

I then had a dream about her kneeling in front of me, crying and wailing, begging me to save her. I woke up with a clear mind. I decided to write a letter to her and her relatives without worrying much about the practitioner's advice or my own safety. Later, I heard that she remarked, “I can't believe that she was so concerned about me.”

I sent the phone number of her family to the Minghui website as well.

We ran into each other one day, and she was happy to talk. “My family received many phone calls from overseas,” she said. “We were picking up calls repeatedly. After learning more about the persecution and Falun Dafa, I will no longer take any Falun Dafa cases.”

Colleague Awakens After Several Attempts

I worked in an office with someone who had a doctorate degree in the winter of 2005. During some downtime, I clarified the truth to him and advised that he withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He remained quiet and appeared derisive at times. As I felt my efforts not yielding positive effects, I stopped talking to him.

When I went by him one day, he suddenly said, “Please tell me a few more times. I have acquired too many things in this lifetime, which have blocked my inner nature. If you try a few more times, I'll wake up.”

I talked to him again when I heard his main consciousness calling out for help.

The vice president of my company later called on many of my colleagues, including all those who I had clarified the truth to, to investigate whether I practiced Falun Dafa.

He was the only colleague who quietly warned me to be careful. “The vice president will look for you very soon,” he said. “Maybe he will fire you. He has spoken to many people to investigate the matter.” Sure enough, the vice-president came looking for me the same day.

Although I did not succeed in urging this colleague to quit the CCP, I felt that he understood the truth. This experience showed me that the true selves of many sentient beings are eagerly longing to be saved. They may not understand the truth after hearing it once or twice because their true sides have been deeply covered by many notions. We may need to speak to them multiple times. As long as they are around us, they have the hope to be saved. We should not give up on them!

Practitioners' Bodies Seen from Another Dimension

I saw the true self of a former practitioner who stopped practicing in 2010. He buried himself with online novels and playing mahjong. He knew that Dafa is good but could not resume the practice. There was a black mechanism turning inside his body. This mechanism had an axis from top to bottom, and the axis was loaded with many dials. They were all turning, driving his body.

It was similar to how the central energy channel of the Tantric religion as described by Teacher in the heavenly circuit in Zhuan Falun. This mechanism connected and spurred into motion several conceptual wheels. His main consciousness floated above his head, looking so pitiful and helpless. He could not control his own body. He knew he had a mission to fulfill, and he did not want to give up his right to control his own body. This person had been indulging in novels all these years, but in reality, his true self wanted to cultivate. He was struggling painfully between the two choices.

I also saw a practitioner in another dimension who was strongly attached to lust. He had a mechanism in his body. On the whole, it was a black stick about the size of a forearm that ran through the entire upper body. The bottom end of the stick was pointy and bent to one side. It was tied to a microscopic location. When one opened up the stick layer by layer, one would see that it is made up of layers upon layers of old forces’ mechanisms in the person's body. The layers of mechanisms were black and could control him. They were at a more microscopic level and could move his body easily. They were formed by the substances of lust. Once they became sets of mechanisms, they could enlarge the attachment of lust by more than a hundred times. In reality, the attachment itself was not that big; therefore, if the mechanism broke, it would be easy to clean up the degenerated things.

There are countless demons of lust at the bottom of the mechanisms. It was the old forces that controlled it on top. They functioned like a headquarters that not only controlled the mechanisms but also arranged when a practitioner of the opposite gender would approach him and when the practitioner would be arrested [in the persecution].

So when this practitioner tried to remove the lust in the same way that they tried to remove other attachments, it was hard to rid it from the root. They would find themselves incapable and incompetent. In fact, the layers upon layers of mechanisms were at a more microscopic level than the body. The old forces arranged for these things to hide in the body. Although the practitioner wanted to remove the attachment, he did not know the root of the problem.

It is most necessary for such a practitioner to immerse himself or herself into the Fa. He must insist on negating the old forces' arrangements and annihilating any pacts that he had signed with them. Sending righteous thoughts for a prolonged period of time to eliminate the old forces and all mechanisms inside his body would also be crucial.

It would take a relatively long time to completely eliminate the degenerate elements of lust. But as long as we persist in our efforts, study the Fa, send righteous thoughts, and negate the old forces, any attachment can be removed. If a practitioner that we are close to needs our help, we should be patient and encouraging in this long process. It is difficult for practitioners who have a deeply-rooted attachment to go through the process. Anyone who is still cultivating requires our assistance. With time and effort, it will certainly be removed one day.

The above sharing is what I saw with my third eye on many different occasions. I think it was Teacher giving me hints. I hope individuals find my understandings helpful.