(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa for 22 years. After seeing how I've become compassionate and tolerant, my family greatly respects Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa).

Because my husband worked as a drill operator for the Water Resource Department, he became disgusted with the climate of corruption and embezzlement that pervades China due to the Chinese Communist Party.

In 1995, he quit his job and started his own drilling company, specializing in deep water drilling and erecting foundations. He also designed and created special equipment that enabled him to accept difficult contracts that other companies could not take.

An incident happened in 2003 while his company was drilling and erecting foundations for a bridge over the Yellow River in Ningxia Province. A worker fell into a 20-meter-deep well filled with concrete mix. Everyone was in a panic and no one knew what to do.

My husband suddenly remembered Falun Dafa and yelled loudly, “Master, please help us!” At that moment the other workers noticed a rope which they threw into the well. The worker at the bottom of the well tied it around himself and the others were able to lift him out of the well. Later, he called me and said that Master helped them and saved the worker.

My husband was involved in a car accident in 2007. His car drove off the highway, flipped a few times while gasoline spilled out of the tank. All four people in the car were able to crawl out by themselves.

When the policeman arrived at the scene he assumed the passengers were dead and thought my husband and the other three people were witnesses. When he learned that they had survived and crawled out of the wreckage, the policeman was amazed. He told my husband that he had seen many similar accidents but no one had survived. He was shocked that the car had not burst into flames.

However, my husband and the other three people only had minor injuries and the car did not burst into a fireball. Later he told me, “Because I know that Falun Dafa is good, your Master protected me and saved my life.”

He later had another car accident in Changchun City when his car collided with a tanker truck. He and the other passengers, including a pregnant woman, were all unharmed, but the car was destroyed.

My husband soon became wealthy. His relatives envied his wealth and often tried to cheat him. Once his nephew helped him buy a Land Rover but pocketed 300,000 yuan. Another nephew took more than 100,000 yuan to order a new drill pipe but no pipe was purchased and the money was never returned.

When he learned how he had been cheated, my husband became very upset and phoned me. I told him that according to the teachings of Falun Dafa everything happens for a reason. When people cheat you, the universe will give you virtue (de). If you owe them from another lifetime, then perhaps you are paying them back. Because ordinary people don't understand this principle they do bad things and harm each other. But practitioners understand these principles and know that we won't lose anything.

I also read Master's poem in Hong Yin to him. He said, “I feel relaxed and balanced after talking to you.”

Learning True Forgiveness

However, my cultivation was soon tested. After my husband made some money, he had an affair which caused me to become moved by emotion and resentment for a long time.

After I talked with other practitioners, I remembered that everything we encounter are opportunities to identify our human notions and let them go. I began to let my feelings of anger and resentment go and my heart was filled with compassion and tolerance for my husband.

Once when he swore at a woman who he felt wronged me, I asked him to be kind. He sighed and said, “You are so kind. Our business is doing well because you practice Falun Dafa.”

After I was able to truly let go of all my resentment, my husband ended the affair.

I've done my best to live by the principles of Falun Dafa, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. After decades of watching my behavior and listening to me talk about the teachings of Dafa, my husband began to help other people. His younger brother is poor so my husband bought a new apartment for his family and paid for his daughter's college tuition.

Sometimes his job sites are in remote areas and life can be hard for the crew. My husband treats them well by providing good food and even having parties when it's their birthday.

Due to the downward slide of Chinese society, contractors often cut corners by using the cheapest materials in order to save money, but charge the customer full price. Sometimes a project manager tells my husband that it's okay to drill a few meters less. But my husband always follows the specifications and drills to the required depth.

Whenever he receives a contract he always remembers to thank Master for the abundance he's received. He says that he feels Master is protecting him and his workers.

Because of his reputation for honesty and doing excellent work, the contracts come to him. My husband says that he knows he's blessed because he supports Falun Dafa and knows the Truth. He encourages me to participate in projects that clarify the truth. “This is YOUR money,” he says. “Our family is doing well because you practice Falun Dafa.”