(Minghui.org) My relative, whom I'll call Xiao, lives in Taiwan. He is 70 years old and was a devoted Buddhist for over 40 years. Although we had not seen each other for twenty years, he would call me every year to remind me to worship Sakyamuni and Guanyin on their birthdays.

Xiao used to visit mainland China almost every year and take us to worship at the four main Buddhist holy places, as well as many other famous temples. In March of this year, Xiao called and told us that he planned to come to the mainland for a visit and take a tour of Yinchuan City.

Xiao’s whole family practiced Buddhism. His wife became a nun in her 30s, his son and daughter live in temples, and his younger son is an abbot of a temple in Taiwan. Xiao himself spends more than half of the year in the temple chanting Buddhist scriptures. When he was not in the temple, he carried Buddha scriptures with him everywhere and chanted them daily.

When Xiao visited me in March of this year, I observed that he was overweight and walked very slowly. The first thing he said when he saw me was, “Why are you not getting any older? You look younger than you did twenty years ago. Even your spirit is better!”

Xiao remembered me from when I was in my 30s and had all kinds of health problems: I often passed out for no apparent reason and had a serious stomach ailment. He used to bring me medicine from Taiwan but to no avail.

I replied, “I didn’t tell you that I practice Falun Gong?” He countered, “I don't believe that practicing Falun Gong can make you look twenty years younger!”

He confided that he was in poor health. I comforted him and told him how wonderful Falun Dafa is. I told him stories about the miraculous things that had happened to my grandson, granddaughter, and my husband. He laughed and said, “Impossible! How can that be?”

On the third day of his visit, Xiao told me, “I have not slept so well for many years.” 

I responded, “That’s because my house has Master's Li’s photograph and law body. Every wrong thing is corrected.” He laughed.

I shared with him some of my own experiences from when I started learning Dafa. Afterward, he started to read Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of the practice. “As long as you sincerely study the Fa and do the exercises,” I assured him, “Master Li will take care of you. He will also purify your body, so be aware, because you'll have diarrhea.” He again laughed.

The next morning at 3:00 a.m. when I was doing the exercises, Xiao came up behind me and followed my movements. I stopped and taught him the first, third, and fourth exercises. I could tell he was sincere about wanting to learn.

Later in the morning, we went out for a walk. Xiao had used the restroom before heading out, yet less than twenty minutes later he asked me to help find another restroom. He spent a long time inside. Soon after that, he needed to go to the restroom again. I said, “You still aren’t done? Why do you keep going again and again and making so much trouble?” He apologized, “You are right. I have never had anything like this happen to me before. I think your master is purifying my body.”

My goodness, how poor my comprehension was! Xiao knew that Master was purifying his body—why didn't I think of that? I assured him, “Master Li does not belong to me personally. He is every true Falun Dafa disciple's Master, including you!”

In the evening, I took Xiao to a veteran practitioner's home. The practitioner played a video of the New York 2016 World Falun Dafa Day Parade, as well as some truth clarification videos made by overseas practitioners. While at this practitioner's home, he went to the bathroom three more times. He apologized again. We both said, “This is actually a very good thing. Master is taking care of you. It's extraordinary!”

The next day, Xiao participated in our group Fa study. He carefully read Zhuan Falun out loud with the group. Starting the next day, the veteran practitioner came to teach him the exercises every afternoon, and from the first day on, he never again chanted the Buddhist scriptures that had accompanied him for more than 40 years. He was even reluctant to take time to travel as he had originally intended.

Ten days flew by, and it was time for Xiao to return to Taiwan, but he was reluctant to leave. He left his Buddhist books behind and said, “I don't want these books anymore. May I have your Falun Dafa books and calendar to take back to Taiwan?” I assured him that it would be easy to find Dafa books and a calendar in Taiwan, “As soon as you get home, find a local practitioner, and they will be very happy to help you find a full set of Dafa books.”

I took Xiao to the bus station. He then pressed his hands together (Heshi) and exclaimed, “I found the most precious gift on this visit to the mainland - Falun Dafa!”