(Minghui.org) I consider strengthening my righteous thoughts the most important cultivation process in my 20 years of practicing Falun Dafa. During that process, I experienced many tribulations. With Master's help, I made the breakthrough. I have also stepped forward to clarify the facts to people face-to-face after eliminating my fear.

After I got home from work one day, several police officers showed up and arrested me. They ransacked my home, took pictures, and confiscated my personal belongings. I was taken to a detention center.

First Interrogation

I was stunned. The first two days in detention, time seemed to creep by, and I was very sad. But, luckily, I had the Fa in my heart. I kept reciting Hong Yin Vol. II and On Dafa to occupy my mind. Gradually I calmed down.

I was interrogated four times and realized that, as a practitioner, one does not need to answer questions or sign any documents. Yet I was not very confident.

During the first interrogation, I was shaking with fear and could not sit still. But my mind was very clear, and I answered every question well.

I was also able to draw upon articles from the Minghui website. When they mentioned Criminal Law Article No. 300, I said that freedom of belief was guaranteed in the Constitution. Regardless of what they said, I just kept clarifying the facts about Dafa.

A young police officer was using his camera to record everything. I found out later that, because I refused to give a confession or sign anything, they tried to use the video clip as evidence.

After returning to my cell, I tried to recall what I had said and whether I had said anything inappropriate that could be used against me.

After looking inside, I found my attachment: I was afraid of being sentenced. If I were sentenced, I realized, everyone who was involved would have committed a sin against Dafa. I should completely negate the old forces' arrangement for the sake of sentient beings.

I also found that I resented the police officers. I kept reciting the Fa, looked inward, and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil beings as well as the factors behind those who were involved in persecuting me.

Second Interrogation

When I was on my way to be interrogated a second time, I asked Master for help. I said, “Master, I must do well and not let these beings commit crimes against Dafa. Please strengthen me.”

It was the same police officer who had interrogated me the first time. I was very composed and not as scared as the first time. After he left the room for a moment, I thought that these police officers were truly to be pitied—they were doing wrong and didn't know it.

On his return, the officer asked me what I was thinking. I said that I was thinking about him and his colleagues. I said that Falun Gong would be exonerated and I was wondering what he and his colleagues would do then.

The person who was in charge of ransacking my home came in. He told the other officer that I'd neither confessed nor signed any of their documents. He then waved a document in front of me, saying it was a list of crimes I'd committed. I did not look at it nor was my heart moved.

During this interrogation, they informed me that they had talked to officials and people at my workplace. The feedback was all positive.

When I returned to my cell, another inmate gave me a bag of apples. I figured it was Master rewarding me.

Third Interrogation

The third interrogation was held at the Procuratorate. I spoke about freedom of belief and freedom of expression. As I was being questioned, one of the officials was flipping through a thick booklet with photos of my home being ransacked.

After returning to my cell, I felt a bit uneasy. The booklet was so thick—it contained so much evidence to frame me. I immediately became alert and thought that I should not acknowledge any of it—they were all illusions. With Master in charge, nobody could move me.

Fourth Interrogation

The fourth time they interrogated me, they put me in a custom-built torture chair but were unable to lock the restraints. They said everything they could think of to threaten me and get evidence to persecute me. I talked about freedom of belief and expression.

In the end, Procuratorate officials decided not to prosecute me due to lack of evidence. I was released after 39 days of detention, two days after my fourth interrogation.

While I was being persecuted, I remained upright and solid in my cultivation. I was able to eliminate many attachments and consequently strengthen my righteous thoughts.

Master said:

“The Disciples of Fa have gone through evil trialsAnd though great the pressure, their wills are unbowedThere is no affect between master and discipleThe Buddha’s grace remolds Heaven and EarthWhen disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Vol. II)