After I began cultivating Falun Dafa, my complexion really improved. A relative once told me that I looked like I was 18, but I was actually almost 35.

I took the opportunity to speak with him about the benefits of cultivating Falun Dafa, which includes improving one’s health and making people look younger.

I advised him not to believe in the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) slanderous propaganda. I told him that many people practiced Falun Dafa.

Cultivating Myself Well

I came to understand that, if I cultivated well, other people would see how my conduct had improved and would then understand that Falun Dafa teaches people to be good.

I discarded many attachments and did not indulge in bad habits like drinking, gambling, taking drugs, and promiscuity. I also didn't play video games.

I became calmer and am full of confidence. Everyone in my family gets along well.

Many people admired my success at running a business and said I was sincere, kind, and intelligent. I told them that I was just following Master Li Hongzhi's teachings to be a good person.

I not only benefited physically from cultivating Falun Dafa but my moral standards also improved significantly.

Persecuted for Practicing Falun Dafa

I used to work for a state-owned company. After Jiang Zemin started persecuting Falun Dafa in 1999, I was arrested several times and imprisoned for several years.

My employer fired me without justification, and I had to do temporary work to make a living before I decided to start my own business.

Following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to Run My Business.

In running my business, I follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in dealing with my suppliers and clients and I always keep my word.

For example, if I promised to pay my supplier by a certain date, I never missed a payment even when the business didn't have the cash flow; I would pay it out of my personal account.

I kept my profits to a minimum and shared the profits with the other parties when making business deals. I rounded up the numbers when I paid out money and rounded down when I collected.

I worked hard and was compassionate and sincere in my business dealings; those I did business with admired me. Many of them know that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.

Sharing my profits did not hurt my business at all. On the contrary, my business kept growing, and I became a multi-millionaire.

Telling People about Falun Dafa and the Persecution

People like to do business with me because they can sense my compassion. They trust me and think I am a good person, and they have been very receptive when I speak with them about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

I often use my personal experiences to tell people about the persecution. When I speak about the ordeals I personally experienced, they listen more willingly.

Once while eating out with some clients, I told them about my experience in prison. I told them how the police tortured me, how the head prisoner bullied me, and how other prisoners were directed to monitor me.

They responded with surprise, “Wow, I never thought that it was so dark inside those prisons, while the outside world seems to be developing so quickly!”

They asked me why the police tortured me, and I explained, “The police wanted to force me to renounce Falun Dafa.”

I went on to say, “Falun Dafa teaches people to be good and to follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I believe in Falun Dafa and believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, so I refused to give it up.”

They then asked again why the police would want to defame Falun Dafa. I told them, “The Chinese Communist Party ordered them to. It passed down the orders through the ranks of the organization and promoted those who forced people to renounce Falun Dafa.

“Jiang Zemin gave orders to count the practitioners who were tortured to death as suicides.”

They expressed shock and remarked, “Jiang Zemin was cruel and the Party is corrupt. We wouldn't have known about this if you hadn't told us.”

Another time, I told a client that the prison authorities had my blood drawn several times against my will but never told me why.

I then mentioned, “Later I read a report on the Minghui website about another practitioner who was forced to have her blood drawn. Not long after that, her organs were removed while she was still alive and without any anesthesia. She died immediately.”

The client thought that this was hard to believe and asked me several times, “Is it true? Is that really true?”

I told him, “The investigation reports have been published and you can read them for yourself.”

The client then confided, “Actually, I have heard this multiple times from different people, and it looks like it is true. The CCP is just unscrupulous!”

Sharing Software to Break Through the Internet Firewall

Since the people I came into contact with were usually well-educated, I also tried my best to share software to overcome the internet firewall with them and recommended websites that exposed the persecution.

I also often gave out information, like copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

By talking with clients face-to-face and helping them gain access to articles on the internet, I helped many predestined people understand the truth about Falun Dafa.